Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday hodge podge

This is the kind of post that unless you're a grandparent of one of these kids you might be bored. But that's okay. This blog was started so that the grandparents could stay entertained.

This is the dress that O bought at Old Navy today (FYI everything in the store is 30% off through tomorrow. EVERYTHING. Don't miss it!)

I had to post a pic and couldn't decide if I liked the light or dark background for the dress better, so I included both. You decide.
Last evening we made a trip to Sam's Club. Basically, we had dinner there. The past few times there was disappointingly no samples. But we hit the gluttons' jackpot last night. Let's just say actual dinner was a flop!
After *dinner* we hit the park because it was like 80 degrees and gorgeous! Quinn's latest trick is riding the tricycle by himself in circles at the park. I don't know why, but it melts my heart seeing his little legs moving that bike.
And this is what happens when you leave your camera laying around!
The problem is, Turner, you left evidence! Nice try though buddy!


Bethany said...

I like the light background better :)

Katie O. said...

you can blame me for Turner and the camera. I got a phonecall the last time I was baby-sitting and the kids wanted to play with my phone. What is one feature they can play with and not damage the phone? The camera. So I let them snap some pics and they all became photographers at some point during the night...I guess they liked it ;)

jenny from mommin' it up said...

O modeling her new dress could not be any cuter!