Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh my Idol

Sorry for the absence. Lots of personal drama. Not a lot of time to blog. But tonight there WAS time for American Idol. Honestly, I've been a big BIG Lee Deweyze fan the past few (10) weeks. But I am definitely a fan of Crystal Bowersox too. She is from Northwest Ohio and Toledo (my hometown) was featured in her hometown video, so I gotta love the hometown girl. Plus she's dang good. But I just love Lee's voice. And he's such a success story. And he's cute.

But I gotta say, tonight, I L.O.V.E.D Crystal. She was uh-mazing! Her final song (which I'd never heard before) was gorgeous. Last week? I bawled my eyes out at Lee's performance. He seriously had me weeping with his rendition of Hallelujah. So it came time to vote and I just couldn't. I didn't know how to choose. So I didn't. It was the first week all season I didn't vote.

Yep, I buckled under the pressure of having to choose. So I'm letting you, America, decide for me. Because guess what? I'm buying both of their albums. I'm going to both of their concerts. I'll leave the radio on either of their songs. There you have it. There will be some absurd number, like 317,000,000,000,000 votes cast tonight and mine will not be one of them. And tomorrow night, I don't get to complain about who wins/ who loses. And you know what? I won't. This is the first season ever that I might equally love both of them. For different reasons.

You may think that I've over done it in my love for Idol. Perhaps I've over thought it or invested too much into this stupid show. You would be right. But after the kind of week I've had (with details too personal and too raw to get into here) it seems like a great light hearted thing to get lost in. So, good luck Crystal (Go Mud Hens) and good luck Lee (your voice melts me) and thanks for the distraction! I owe you one.

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Colleen said...

You know what? I sat down to watch the recorded show (as I have done each week) and as soon as Lee played his first song, I picked up the phone and voted for him. That's usually how I would vote each week, automatically vote for the ones I like, and at the end, vote for the ones I felt did a really good job that night, and sometimes give people like Lee and Crystal an extra couple of votes because I really, really liked them. Right after I voted, I saw Crystal's first song and went, hmmmm, I wasn't thinking about the fact that tonight only one contestant should get my vote. Last year when it was the top 3, I voted for all 3 because I really liked them all. Ken made fun of me, naturally. My votes cancelled each other out. In the end, while I do think Crystal was more dynamic tonight, my heart still belongs to Lee. His two songs that were assigned to him were tough because they were not that old AND are well liked songs, so he didn't change them and of course they will be compared to the originals--how can pone compare himself to BONO for goodness sake?! And since I felt Crystal did REALLY well, I almost gave her one vote (to Lee's 6 or 7), but I stopped myself so that Ken couldn't make fun of me again. I thought about the fact that week after week, I liked Lee. There were a few weeks where Crystal was so-so. Like you, I love them both and have thoroughly enjoyed this season. Can't wait for the big finale and to see what they have in store for Simon's farewell. I just heard Paula will be making an appearance.