Friday, April 2, 2010

lost and found

Here I am. You found me. What I've lost though, is my mind. Once upon a time (several weeks ago) we thought this past week would be a good idea for our family. It WAS good but it was alos a crazy maker.

It was spring break for Olivia so we hit the road. Ann Arbor, MI, Sandusky, OH and Toledo. More to come on details, photos and funny stories. Lots of miles, lots of beds and lots of fun. But I'm exhausted! And in 3 hours the babysitter comes and Steve and I hit the road, one more night away, in Indy. We are headed to a Final Four breakfast and Steve *might* stay for the games. Yay. I guess that means I head home to relieve the babysitter and start preparing Easter dinner. So you'll have to wait for all the updates for now. But rest assured, I'm back and ready to share.

But before I head back to the open road I want to leave you with my thoughts on Good Friday. It is good because it reminds me of the price paid for my soul. It reminds me of the sacrifice on my behalf. It reminds me that true love is painful and pure all at the same time. It is good mixed with the horrible. It is humbling and mind boggling. It is good. I am thankful. I was lost and now I'm found. Thank you, Jesus.

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