Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

It was a busy day for us girls yesterday. It started out with a quick trip to the Y. From there, Olivia and I hurried over to a local banquet hall where we were going to be models in a fundraiser fashion show for the Dayton Panhellenic Association. Because you see, once upon a time, I used to be a sorority girl. Yep, I was an Alpha Phi... the ivy vine of friendship and all that jazz.

A couple of years ago I found out that our neighbor two doors down was also an Alpha Phi (at a different university and *several* years before me.) She has been pestering (I mean inviting) me to alumni events for years and I finally ran out of excuses. So when she asked O and I to model, I said yes. Mostly because I knew Olivia would L.O.V.E. it.
Well, unfortunately, we had to select our outfits from a department store that I would not normally shop from. On top of it, we were not allowed to choose any outfit that was marked down. And don't you know that the weekend we went to pick out outfits they were having a great sale. Good for you, not for us.

So let's just say that I would not normally wear that dress nor those shoes. But what could I do? Yeah, it was pretty much an old lady fashion show. Oh well.
After the fashion show, we were off to the mall for a Build-A-Bear birthday party. So far we have managed to keep Build-A-Bear a secret from our kids. Now the (expensive) cat is out of the bag. The bears themselves aren't so expensive, its more all of the ten thousand accessories you can pick up along the way that add up.

But for a birthday part, it is a fabulous idea! the girls had a blast and ended up all making the same bunny, dressing it in the same outfit and even naming it the same thing, Flower Bunny. Now that is some Montessori creativity at its finest!
Then it was off to the food court for cake and ice cream. Raine's mom had brought a cooler with ice cream and Capri Sun's along with a cake from my favorite bakery in town.
I mean, Olivia really enjoyed it.
I didn't know I would enjoy all the things that come along with having an older kid. But big kid birthday parties are super fun (especially when they are at the mall and you don't have to be there and you get to go grab a Starbucks and sit on a sofa and go to the Gap.... I'm just sayin'.)
It was such a fun and busy day, all that was left for a little girl to do was snuggle up and with Flower Bunny and crash!
Now, I've got to run because we're off to the circus. For real. More on that later...


cindy said...

It might be a ruined birthday party idea now that O knows about all of the accessories, but for Carin's 7th birthday, she invited her friends to a build-a bear party... Not the one hosted by the store. We went cheaper, I mean more creative. Each girl chose a bear $12 or under. Then back at the apt, we made clothes for our bears out of sewing scraps. they made scarves and I actually had cut out pieces so they could make vests. Easy party and fun!

Kelly said...

hey is that one of those mommytime design dresses that O has on? if so - adorable!

ALo said...

love the dress on O!!! she is so stinkin cute!!!