Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gimme a break (from our break)

I'd love nothing more than to tell you this is the way that I spent Spring Break '10.
Or even that I spent it this way. Floating in a pool. But actually, I'm not sure how we even captured a sense of relaxation, because I'm pretty sure these were exactly the only two times I even sat down over the course of five days (other than the sweet forever we spent in the car getting from location to location.)
Our trip did start out in a super fun way! We spent two nights with our dear friends who worked with us the past 6 years but recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI. Their daughter, Mikayla was Olivia's first friend. It was fun to stay with them and see their new life. (FYI, that is NOT me reading books, but it IS my daughter all snuggled up, thinking she belongs... because she does. That's just the kind of friends they are!)
In fact, over the years, Sarah has taught me more about hospitality than any other person. And this trip was no exception. I mean, really, its not easy having a family of 5 move in for 2 days while your life is still marching on. But I never felt like we were a burden. I have a lot to learn! Thanks for having us, Sarah.
Then it was off to Kalahari Water park in Sandusky, OH. Steve's parents had *won* a night at the park by bidding in a silent auction. As it turned out, we stayed in the African Queen Suite. This thing could have slept about a dozen people, but it was just the five of us. (I'm not sure what the boys are looking at, but it makes you want to look up, doesn't it?!)

We were only there a total of 24 hours, but we made the most of it. We had junk food for dinner, ice cream for a snack and played our guts out. It was fun because Grandma and Papa were able to join us at the water park but went back to their own hotel for some peace and quiet (and although it was a big room, I'm sure they got better sleep than we did. Why is it when you go away there is always a barfer or a cougher? This time we had a cougher!)
The kids loved running around the joint. It ended up being unseasonably warm and if I wasn't such an uptight mom, the kids probably could have run around outside in their bathing suits. If it weren't for all the coughing and stuff!
I do believe Turner is getting the hang of this vacation thing. But don't believe for a second that he lasted longer than a minute sitting down. This guy is our handful!
Queen for a day. O was in heaven that she got to have a *princess* room all to herself. Yeah, that's what happens when you cough all night. No one wants to sleep with 'ya. I'm going to start working the cough and see if I get my own princess anything. I'm guessing not.
The boys enjoyed Turner's blow up bed that we now take with us on trips. We are about to put up their bunk beds, so we thought we better ease them into the idea of being out of a crib. Good luck with that. If you can't find Quinn, he's under his brother.
And that *might* be an evil grin on my face as daddy has to deal with two unhappy kids in the wave pool. This photo was snapped moments before he got the whistle blown at him for having two kids on his lap. Either that or the lifeguard had pity on him and was trying to help a brother out. Steve has all the luck.

All in all it was a good (yet exhausting) road trip '10. One of these years I hope I get my way and we go to the beach. Because I'm sure that will be WAY more relaxing!

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