Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goin' with the flow

Yesterday Steve called to let me know that we would be having a showing of the house this afternoon. NOT good news for several reasons. One being that the house was a pit and because of several things going on yesterday it was going to be a real effort/time crunch to get it in order for people to walk through. But whatever. The bigger reason it was not good news was that there was a big 'ole play date scheduled during that time at our house. I did not dare disappoint 3 super excited pre-schoolers.

We were able (and by we I mean Steve) to arrange with the realtor to have the people out by the time we got home. AND we were able (and by we I mean me) to pull the house together to be in mostly *show ready* state.
HOWEVER, this morning as I got in my car after working out, I found out the people had cancelled the showing and now want it tomorrow. Then a call back from Steve 20 minutes later saying they now want it Thursday.

Dear people who apparently hate me and want to see me in an early grave,
Please keep your commitments. I broke my neck cleaning this house for you, the least you could do is show up. The most you could do is buy it. Please buy it so that I can then move on and work through the evil thoughts I've had about you.
M'kay thanks,

As for the play date? Huge success. No cat fights. No whining. No crying. And the girls did pretty well too. The brothers even got in on the action and the girls didn't mind (too much.) I even had a moment to sit by myself and eat lunch as all 5 kids ran laps around our upstairs. There was yelling, laughing and slamming of doors. And I didn't get up once to correct them.

Until this happened. I'm not sure if you can tell but that would be a pastel shade of pink Tinkerbell lip gloss applied to my *show ready* stair case. Thankyouverymuch, Turner.

Well, here's to keeping the dust bunnies to a minimum and the lip gloss in it's tube until Thursday.
Friday? We're back to slobs r us.

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Bethany said...

but hey, at least your light switch plate had already been cleaned, right?! :)