Friday, April 16, 2010

Sour Patch Kids

Thanks for all the encouraging words and tips on how to deal with our sassy situation over here. Its continued to be a bit of a challenging week but as with all of this child rearing stuff, I do well to remember "this too shall pass." Can I get an amen? Like when you think your kid will NEVER sleep through the night. Or feed them self. Or learnCheck Spelling to use the potty. I could go on and on. The problem is, I tend to *over react*. Ackhem. (who? me?)

One friend had a great tip we implemented on Wednesday. Instead of soap (which never sat right with me... and then I saw this report on the evening news that night about toxins in soap, oops) or instead of hot sauce (another interesting suggestion, but hey lets face it, Steve and I are slightly obsessed with spicy food... like the numb your lips, eyes watering snot flying kind of spicy... and I didn't want to ruin any chance of passing that down to my kids) vinegar was suggested.

Shannon told me they use it for any "sins of the mouth." Love it! So lying, talking back, meanness etc all get vinegar. I just use a medicine dropper and squeeze enough (maybe an 1/8 of a tablespoon) so they have to swallow it. I sat them down (yep, all three. It was rather comical) and explained the new rule. They get one warning and then upon a second offense (umm, no, i didn't use those words with them) they get vinegar. I explained that those sins don't taste good to God and that the consequence won't taste good to them. Then I had everyone dip their finger in the vinegar so they could taste it. Turner shuddered and said, "Its no yummy, mommy." Olivia refused and declared that she would rather get soap and Quinn was neutral.

Well it took Turner exactly one hour before he got his first dose. His whole little body actually shuddered and his eyes watered from the sour. Point taken. (Today he's gone vinegar free.) Olivia has made it without an offense. Quinn had his first dose yesterday. He took it like a man. Then... he smiled and declared, "Mmmm... I like vinegar." And he DOES! Since then he's followed me around telling me no and stop it and then smiles and says, "Now I get vinegar?" Figures. Its probably those Chinese taste buds.

Today I was feeling pretty confidant in making strides in the sassy thing. That is the cardinal sin of parenting, right?! 'Cuz it always bites you in the buns. Now instead of "stop it" and "knock it off", they have decided to take it upon themselves to declare when the other person gets vinegar. On the way home from the Y today the boys were in the back seat. Quinn was yelling, but more of a playful singing kind of yell (Annoying? Yes. Punishment worthy? No.) Turner didn't appreciate it. Finally, Turner declared, "Mama. Quinny get vinegar in mouth!" Ummm... sorry little man. You don't get to make that call. About five times since then they've gone back and forth on who gets vinegar when.

So, that's where we stand. Its sad enough that I drive a mini van in the first place, but I now drive around in a van with a bottle of vinegar and a medicine dropper in the cup holder. AND I live with a second bottle and a second dropper on the kitchen counter in plain view. If you happen to stop by or go for a ride with us and you notice a souring smell; no we're not making sauerkraut! It's just the smell of discipline.


Shiny said...

Great! My kids tell on each other too! I even got told that I would get Vinegar when I said something against the rule....then I had to explain that I was the parent and the consequence/punishment of vinegar was not for me....It's always something right?
Good thinking about putting some in the car!
Funny Quinn likes it...maybe he needs a bit more! LOL!

cindy said...

What would Quinn think of BLACK DARK Balsamic vinegar? Maybe the black color would scare him. Or isn't there some kind of green vegetable vinegar. :)

Candice-MOTBITS said...

Thanks for stopping by Motbits! I'm returning the favor and I laughed so hard at this post! I got soap growing up for saying "Oh bull" to my mom. HAHA. I survived, but I like the vinegar idea. Isn't motherhood fun?
Please spread the word if you know anyone pregnant with twins, or with young twins. I think 3 months apart counts!
Good luck! (Tidbits for Mothers of Twins)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE the explanation that you give to your kids about the consequences for "sins of the mouth" -- gonna file that one away for a later date :)

KTC said...

vinegar - brilliant!

Bethany said...

Ok, I laughed my butt off through this posting and demanded that Josh listen as I read it aloud to him. I LOVE that Quinn likes vinegar and I find that ridiculously hysterical. I suppose you could try Apple Cider Vinegar or some other variation for him, or just a good ol' piece of lettuce for his sass :) Hang in there, we had a VERY trying week as well. Change in the tide?!?

jenny from mommin' it up said...

Joshua called Sophie "dumb" the same day you guys were over here and we were talking about Vinegar. I explained that next time he did that I was going to put something in his mouth that tasted yucky. He immediately burst into tears and screamed, "But I don't want you to MAKE ME DIE!" It took me forever to calm him down. Apparently he really thought I was going to kill him. I swear I explained it very calmly. Oy!

Kristin said...

I'm sorry, but that is funny! I've pulled the whole vinegar thing on my girls too. The six year old takes off running with her mouth covered. It just takes a whiff to make her straighten up.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be bookmarking you to stay in touch!

Barrington said...

Likes vinegar!?!? So cute!
Loved your comment, thank so much and you better feel welcome!! lol

Melissa said...

hahaha! Its so funny your son likes vinegar!

This sounds fair. I hope it works. Apple cider vinegar is suppose to lower cholesterol! See? benefits all around!

Your kids might grow to have an aversion to salt and vinegar chips! That is...except your youngest :)