Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wanted: June Cleaver

Today was one of those days. I looked around for the grown up who is charge. Then I realized, that person is me. I know its silly, I'm 37 years old, I have three kids, I've been married nearly 7 years, I own a house... but when it comes to all that's on my plate- it just can't be possible that I am the one in charge.

Steve and I woke up early this morning in Indy, went to a Final Four breakfast and then I jumped in the car (in the driving rain, thankyouverymuch) so that I could get home and relieve our babysitter from her night/morning duty. I drove alone because Steve managed to score some game tickets for himself and our brother-in-law. (He's there as we speak. I don't usually "do" basketball, but I just watched Butler win it's game in hopes to connect with my hubby! Now THAT is love!) He'll be home around 1:30am... until then, I'm on duty.

When I got home, the kids were napping. I got to have a few quiet moments (thank you, Lord) and then the craziness began. I decided to get a jump on tomorrow's Easter dinner. Ham, check (just gotta heat that sucker up in the morning) cheesy potatoes... 15 minutes to put together, check. Green bean casserole, 10 minutes, check. *Pretzel salad* (which in no way shape or form resembles a salad, but in my family, if you call it a salad, you get to eat two desserts- shhhh.. don't tell my friends at Weight Watchers;) a little more complicated, prep time 1 hour 15 minutes, check. The real dessert, an *eclair* 35 minutes. This is where the adult needed to enter the picture. Because when did I become the mom? Mom's are suppose to easily balance life, dinner prep, etc. Getting a holiday dinner together is an art form. And apparently I missed that lesson!

And then there is the whole egg dying tradition. Who thought it would be a good idea to let little hands near dye? You can't let the 4 year old do it without the two 2 year olds pitching a fit. Our time of dying eggs really revealed ugliness on my part. I have a real hard time going with the flow. Who cares if their fingers are blue/green/orange? (ummm.. I do?!) Who cares if the eggs are u.g.l.y. (yep, me again!) No pics. No fond memories. Mostly stress! (How do single moms do it???)

Then... to top it off, Baxter seems to have some kind of problem with his leg and he's been gnawing on it all evening. Because I was attending to kids, dinner prep, egg dying etc. I didn't notice that he was oozing blood all over the downstairs. Two nice rugs... done. Blood everywhere. And what grown up is going to handle that? (Since one is cheering his head off in Indy, I guess we know the answer to that one.) But hey, I'm not bitter. Just confused. And wondering how I got put in charge?

Praise the Lord that Steve gets home in a few hours and pass the cheesy potatoes! So, what is on YOUR Easter menu?


cindy said...

E, I laughed because I remember so clearly those days of trying to do the nice meal, the holiday traditions and keep toddlers "in line" It is impossible. I remember many a times getting nearly done with the dinner and a child would irritate me and I'd come unglued! So now my holiday meal is a roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes and green beans that will be heated up in the microwave tomorrow! And I let the kids dye their fingers! Ahhhh!

Cortney @ said...

Girl, I am TOTALLY with you on the whole egg dying experience. I took pics to at least let the boys think that we had fun (you know when they are looking back at pics 20 years from now) but I agree with you. What mom enjoys that activity and actually wants to do it with little ones. I just don't get it.
My poor boys are never going to want to get their hands dirty because of my OCD! Thanks goodness they have their daddy, who doesn't see the big deal in markers all over their bodies and paint on the clothes. God definitely knew what he was doing :-)!

Katie O. said...

I could have helped with the egg dying if you needed another set of hands (or two...since I offered my sister too.)

Easter dinner was FABULOUS. The ham was great!! (I'm looking forward to more tonight at your house.) And the cheesy potatoes were also a hit...I love potatoes, and I will eat them in just about any form. Thanks for having me over for Easter! I really appreciated it.