Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why didn't you tell me???

Today I discovered the best kept secret (maybe it was just a secret to me and everyone else knows this) but big kid play dates are THE BEST.
Up until now, play dates have been the kind where some of my friends and I get together and supervise the madness of a bunch of babies or toddlers. Only to leave feeling frustrated that there was nary a conversation finished, perhaps not even a thought completed.
But today entered a real live independent play date. The kind where the other kid's parent isn't even there. Raine, Olivia's "favorite buddy" (that is truly what she calls her) came over for an hour and a half after school to play. (Oh my word, are they not the cutest pair!)
Raine's mom is going back to school and can't make it in time to pick Raine up, so she asked if I would give Raine a ride to our house each day and she picks her up on her way home. That is no problem. Except that Raine and O are sad everyday because the 10 minutes they spend in the car (not to mention the 3 1/2 hours in school each day) just isn't enough!
So, I mentioned to Raine's mom that perhaps one day a week, Raine could spend an hour and a half playing and then Raine's mom can just pick her up at 1:30. I'd like to call it a win/win/win/win! The girls had a BLAST, I didn't have to talk to a child for nearly an hour and a half (although the girls didn't want the pesky little brothers around, they didn't really have a choice) and Raine's mom got an extra hour and a half to herself. Bliss.

Naturally, Lei'asya (the other pre-school BFF in their posse) found out about the "play date" and will be included next week. Hey, the more the merrier if it keeps the kids out of my hair. (Oops, was that out loud?)
The boys, however, were sad because their nap time landed right in the middle of the girls' play date. When I announced it was time to go up for naps the boys took off.

This is where I found them (after a sweet forever of looking for them, I might add.) In Olivia's closet... with the door closed. I only found them because Quinn can't keep his mouth shut. Turner, on the other hand, is suspiciously stealth. It's actually a bit disturbing!
And YES, that is Turner, eating a hanger.

Never let it be said I never told you... big kid play dates are the bomb!

All that to say, the forecast calls for a little Raine to keep my spirits high.


Anonymous said...

I know Sang Ju feels the same way about baby play dates, and is looking forward to the day when Selah can have big-kid play dates, too!

KTC said...

oh yeah! and then, when they can travel back and forth by themselves to their own 'big kid" playdates!!! Although, Elena informed me yesterday that they don't call it "playdates" anymore. I must now say, "hanging out." OK. whatever. just go.