Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness

I live in Ohio. I grew up in Ohio. After college I packed my bags and moved to New York City. And I'm pretty sure as I stepped on the plane that carried me off to the magical Big Apple, I uttered the words, "I will N.E.V.E.R. live in Ohio again." Yeah, pretty much don't ever make a declaration like that. God always has the last laugh!

Like I was saying, here I am with my cozy little life in OHIO. You may wonder why I hate? Well, if it weren't for it's love of fried foods, it's lack of style (we tend to get what was "in" on the coasts about 3.5 years after things were *actually* in style) there would always be the weather. Blech!

I have declared on multiple occasions that March is my least favorite month of the year. Yeah, I know February is unbearably cold (but its suppose to be... it's February.) August is disgustingly humid and hot. But March? It fakes me out every year!

Its all a mind game. Every year I'm all, "Oh yay. February's over. The Spring line is out at Banana Republic. If they're selling Capri's it must mean its time to wear them!" One day it's warm and sunny out. So nice that I would actually consider digging my Capri's and flip flops out of storage (if it weren't for my pasty legs and gnarly unpainted toes). Then... bam... IT happens.

Take this morning for example. March 26th (thankyouverymuch) there was at least an inch of snow welcoming me to my day... like the big fat mocker that March is. Oh, don't get me wrong, it won't last. Because you see, in three days it's suppose to be back up to 60... where it WON'T stay. All the sweet little flower buds in my front yard? Snowed over! The grass seed Steve planted in the mid-pit of our back yard? Done. So, month of March, you are dead to me! And state of Ohio, you're not much better off.

But until God sees fit to move me somewhere else, I'll just continue to complain about the weather and the fashion. And cross my fingers that April brings sunshine, tan legs and pedicured toes. Perhaps I expect too much out of a month? I'm open to that.

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cindy said...

Forget focusing on capris and flip flops! Focus on Easter and fun things to do with this holiday. I've started some Easter traditions and it's helped pull me through the yucky winter/spring dulldrum month of March. Dye some Easter eggs. make your grandmas sugar cookies with some spring cookie cutters. Oops, guess, I'm not being very weight watchers! Feb. is still my worst month!