Thursday, April 22, 2010

it still suprises us

Last night, Steve and I were plopped down in front of American Idol (for an excessive 2 1/2 hours I might add) for the night they call Idol Gives Back.

Three years ago (I think) was the first time they did it. They pulled out all the stops back then and boy was I moved. All of the scenes of starving/dying/impoverished/adorable kids and orphans in this country and around the world. I cried and I donated. It was a wee bit less intriguing to me last night. But I was still moved by the photos and the help that just a few dollars can be to someone who has nothing. I cried again.

Then at one point, Steve looked at me and said, "Can you believe we adopted a kid?"

It's funny. Most days we just roll through life around here and I don't even stop to consider what has happened. What God's done. What we've done. What we've accomplished. Not in some noble way. Because trust me, we are NOT noble. But this little kid, born with a cleft lip and apparently a propensity toward bad hair, became ours and turned into this...
a happy go lucky kid (with the continued propensity toward bad hair.)

And we are the ones who are blessed.

It's just funny that 3 years ago when we were watching faces of needy children and I felt compelled to open my wallet, I didn't know that a few mere years later we'd be opening our home, not just our wallets.

Quinn has now been home nearly 9 months, but according to him, he's always been here! We are the ones still making the adjustment. What a turn of events.

If you are at all contemplating adoption, I'll tell you what... you will not regret it. I hope we never get tired of turning to each other and stating in amazement, "Can you believe we did it?!" Yeah, that's cool.

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Melissa said...

He is so cute. That picture with the glasses is priceless! Kudos to you guys for adopting. It takes a lot of courage and is such an honorable thing to do. I would love to adopt one day.