Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celebrites welcome!

So I put this Google Analytics program on my blog a few months back. It tells you a lot of cool statistics (most of which I don't really understand or quite frankly even care about.) The purpose of putting it on my blog was more out of curiosity of how many people read my blog (since few of you ever leave comments - but I'm not bitter) and where they are reading it from.

I forgot to check it for a few weeks and after getting a nasty comment on a post last week I went back to see where it may have come from. I think I narrowed it down to Taiwan. So if you are reading from Taiwan, could you please not leave me disgusting comments anymore? Thank you very much. (I know, I know, if a person is into that kind of nastiness they probably aren't going to stop just because I asked nicely. But it makes me feel better.)

Anyhow, in the midst of doing my research, I found that someone in Beverly Hills found my blog. So now I'm pretty convinced that Katie Holmes is reading my blog! We did, after all, graduate from the same all girls high school here in Ohio! (Thanks for noticing, we are a *few* years apart. So it's not exactly like we sat next to each other is Sr. Rita's journalism class or anything) but nonetheless, I'm pretty convinced she would be curious about my life as a mom- much like her life as a mom.

So, Katie, since you're an avid follower of EEK... I have a blog! Welcome. Feel free to leave a comment (as long as it's G-rated) and even if you're not Katie Holmes or any kind of a celebrity, you're always welcome here.

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