Monday, May 25, 2009

Next time I'll be prepared.

Last night I was getting Olivia ready for bed. It was post bath jammie time and Olivia asked me, "Why don't I wear a bra?" Oh great, we're HERE already??? Deep breath. "Well, you don't need one. But when you're 12 or 13 maybe then you'll get one." "Maybe when I'm 5?!" What the flippity flap??? "NO! When you're 12 or 13, an older girl." (But who am I kidding, she'll probably be younger than that, but it makes me feel better to think she won't need one until she is 12.)

Then she asked, "What do I put in a bra?" Oh crap... this one snuck up on me and I hadn't really thought through my answer. My mind raced as I scrolled through my options. Up until now we've navigated life w/out actually naming "them." And before I knew it this was my answer... "You'll put boobies in a bra." Boobies??? I've never called them that in my life. But for some reason breasts coming from a 3 year old didn't seem right either. "Oh, okay" was her reply and on we went with bedtime.

As I replayed the conversation for Steve last night he was appalled! "Boobies? You told her to call them boobies?" "Yeah, I know. It's what came out. I was unprepared. Okay hot shot what would you have called them?"

"I don't know, headlights?" Classy dude! Apparently that's the way we roll around here.

"I have nipples, Fauker, can you milk me?"


Amber said...

oh i can't tell you how much i loved this post. hilarious. i am always struggling with what to call "things". maybe we should go with headlights.

KTC said...

pretty funny! I'll never forgot my surprise when one day Jandro, referring to his private parts, told me, "Mom, sometimes, they're called 'nuts.'" Oh my goodness... I was not prepared for that either, and immediately demanded who told him that word. (not me, or Victor even!) We'll leave that little friend nameless for now. :)

And by the way... try 10! (instead of 12 or 13).

Colleen said...

Very funny!

I have surprised myself by referring to the girl parts as what they are. I teased my neighbor when I found out she, THE NURSE, had some made up word for the girl's "below the belt" region. I won't say the V word because you might delete my comment!

Mommin' It Up! said...

Oh my gosh I am cracking UP! Thanks for crossing this bridge so I'll know exactly how to handle this with Sophie one day!