Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleepless in Dayton

So last night I was up from 2:30-about 4am. (the thunderstorm that rolled through around 5 didn't help either as I found myself in my daughter's bed trying to comfort her and make up for the lost sleep earlier in the night. Yet another, "Not gonna do that when I have kids" moment.) But I digress. My original sleeplessness came from those stinkin cute pictures I received yesterday. That little munchkin who lives half way around the world stole my heart back in October when we received our referral, but he ran away with any remains yesterday when I saw those grown up pics of him.

As I laid awake last night I had so many thoughts running through my head. Most of them really great and exciting thoughts. Of how it's going to be to have him join our family. Don't get me wrong. I think I have my feet on the ground on this one! I'm pretty much planning on 6 months of living hell as we bring him home. Our family doesn't do so well with change (example: 6 nights at grandma and papa's house this week. Not a good night's sleep across the board. One night back in our own house, everyone -but me- slept like a log!) So when the change of adding another Koproski hits, I fully expect things to go haywire.

Not to mention poor Quinn himself. We are about to pluck this nearly 2 year old child out of the only home and family he's ever known. He doesn't speak English, hasn't seen white people, hasn't had a personal belonging to call his - ever- may have never seen a dog before (enter Baxter!) leaves his "home" with strangers, gets on a plane, deals with jet lag, a big sister, little brother, new food... you get the picture. Oh, sometimes I get a feeling of guilt. But I know that the long term is far greater and better than the roughness of the short term.

But what I'm excited for and can't wait for is to see the little boy that God has chosen to be part of us. I love my family. I have a hilarious and thoughtful husband. I have a pre-madonna, precocious daughter and a rough and tumble clown of a son. What personality has God given Quinn and where will he perfectly fit into the fabric of our family? (eventually).

My mind is racing and it feels like the week before Christmas when you've circled nearly every toy in the Sears catalogue and now you're just waiting to see what you're gonna get. I did let God know last night as I tried to shut off my mind that I need to get some rest. We probably won't travel for another 6-7 weeks and I HAVE GOT to get some sleep. But it's so fun to imagine!

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KTC said...

I can imagine your excitement... and sleeplessness. I'm sleepless just thinking about the next few months for you! But, it sounds like you have it in good perspective. it'll be hard... but for a blink compared to the rest of your life and Quinn's life. Anyway, we are so excited for you!!! love you! --Karen