Friday, May 15, 2009


So, I'm sitting here trying to wrack my brain with something clever to say, a funny story to tell, or even a heartwarming thought provoking nugget. But I got nothin'. I could tell you about the 45 minutes I spent weeding yesterday until I found the biggest, slimiest ugliest slug I've EVER seen and remembered why I hate the great outdoors and prefer to call myself a city girl.

I could tell you about how tragic it is that my favorite Weight Watchers facilitator was "let go" (still haven't been able to overhear the scoop as to why she mysteriously was *replaced*) or how her HILARIOUS replacement (I swear the man could be a stand up comic) is also leaving. Did I mention that our family doesn't do well with change? But I figured that story would be dull.

I could tell you about how I'm just sitting in my living room waiting for the mail man to come because I KNOW he's going to be bringing the final piece to the adoption puzzle and then I'm going to run to the Post Office and mail this sucker to our agency. But I figure you don't really care about that.

I could tell you about how entertaining my Zumba class was this morning because of the two rather flamboyant men in the front row (why can't I move like them?) but that may be controversial!

I'm tempted to write about the cute things O and Turner did this week (like when Olivia prayed for Turner before naps yesterday for the first time and said, "Thank you, Jesus, for Turner. Amen" Or when I asked her to choose one of her stuffed animals to give to Quinn and she ran to her bed and chose her most precious and beloved bear and said, "Here, I want him to have this one. I'll just choose another one.") but all I ever do is write about my kids.

I could mention that I have a 30% off Gymboree coupon that is burning a hole in my pocket. Don't you think Quinn could use a few new clothes? (note the slipper/shoes and mitten sweatshirt that is a bit girlie in the recent photos) But that makes me seem a bit shallow.

The thought occurs to me that I've gone the whole American Idol season without giving my opinion. But then I would just go on and on about how this season has not been my favorite and how tired I am (as are most people) of Adam's screaming and shrieking. And then I'd have to go on and on about how many times I'm going to vote for Kris on Tuesday, so I'll just skip it.

So, I guess today, I'll just say nothin'!

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