Monday, May 18, 2009

How did June Cleaver do it?

Because we like to keep friends around that are crazier than us, meet Sy (Sy's not crazy, but his parents are.) His mommy and daddy are taking him and his not quite one year old sister to India for a month starting on Thursday. In hopes of helping my friend Susie out, Sy came over to play for a few hours while Susie ran to a meeting. I mean, girl's taking her family 1/2 way around the world in a few days, least I can do is lessen her load by one kid for a few hours, right?!

Sy and O are friends from a once a week childcare situation we have at work and they typically play nicely together and have some of the same quirks. I was all geared up for a fun morning! My friend Sally called and I figured the more the merrier. So I invited her to bring her two kids over as well and perhaps we could have a bit of an adult conversation (and no, I was not high when I had that thought.) This is O and Sy watching a Thomas video before the others arrived. *they did actually play! I did not just plunk them in front of a video so I could run to Target*

Thomas was plan B since our HD antennae decided to NOT pick up our PBS channel and I already had the kids hyped up on the idea of a little Sesame Street break. *insert snide comment about how we wouldn't have that problem if I would break down and just get cable.*

Next stop, lunch. A little macaroni and cheese, grapes and a big bowl of broccoli in the center of the table. Granted all the kids declared their utter disdain for broccoli the moment it hit the table but hey, it made me feel better.

I really really want to be the cool mom on the block and the house that all the kids want to play at. My plan? Feed them cake! They all got a little cake after lunch. You didn't eat your broccoli? Who cares? NOT Olivia and Turner's mommy, that's for sure. (I know, desperate!)

After all was said and done, every one survived, no one had a tinkle accident and all that was left was a bit of a toy bomb that seemed to have gone off in the back yard. No harm no foul. So, if you have a kid, send 'em over! Just be sure they'll come back to 'ya sugared up!

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Susie said...

The kid napped til 5 o'clock. Can I send him over every day!? Thanks again!