Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a blogger's dilemma

This past week was super jam packed. So full, in fact, I didn't even have time to blog. Which leaves me in a dilemma. How much time past an event is it no longer blog worthy? I guess it's up to my own discretion. Does that make you worried?

So to spare you from a week's worth of Koproski minutia here is the highlight... A trip east with my honey to celebrate my best friend, Lisa's, wedding. Steve's mom and dad came to our house to stay with the kids and early Thursday morning we got on a plane- ALONE- headed to Philly. Not as glamorous as a tropical island, but kid-free anywhere makes even Philly a sought-after destination. Lisa's wedding was actually in New Jersey, just across the river. Since we didn't have to be anywhere Thursday we did some sightseeing and had an anniversary dinner (Sunday May 3rd was year #6 for this thing!)

Steve and I are different in a *few* ways. One of them being our love (or my lack there of) for history. We went to pay our respects to the Liberty Bell. Pretty cool. Steve wanted to read ALL the info about the bell. I wanted my picture by it to document my respect.

Later we "scored" a pair of tickets for the tour of Independence Hall. About 10 minutes into the most boring 30 minute presentation of my life, I began looking around the room wondering who was a carrier of the swine flu. I finally pegged a lady who was stifling a cough into her jacket. Moments later, the guy sitting next to her got up and found a chair across the room. I could barely contain myself.
I'm sure there were dozens of other historic places to visit but with limited time, I had to get my buns on down to Chinatown. I got the yummiest bubble tea this side of the Great Wall. There is something so right about being in a place with ducks skinned, cooked and dangling in the window and the smell of fish hanging in the air.

All in all, our trip to Philly was a good experience. It was a super fun way to celebrate 6 years of marriage to an amazing man, doing what we do best- having an adventure!

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