Friday, May 29, 2009

So close I can smell it

I just grabbed our passports from the Fed-Ex lady who was at my door. Steve and I just got our visa's from China so that when we get our Travel Approval from China we are all set to go. One more crucial step toward this little guy. I can barely stand it. I am fully expecting to get our dates in the next week or so. And travel should be anywhere from 3-6 weeks after that. (Oh how I'm hoping and praying for the 3 week option.)
As I was praying and thanking God for arranging the visas hassle free (it usually is, but with this swine flu thing we've been hearing reports of China freaking out and not letting Americans in so freely) I was overcome with this feeling of "I love my life." Even though I'm heading into a week of being a single mom (Steve leaves early Sunday morning for a separate trip to China and returns the following Monday late) I am realizing how full and meaningful my life is.
16 years ago when I started really being friends with Jesus I would have never written this script for my life. I get to do some really cool stuff because I live such an amazing adventure with Him! And now, I'm getting ready to bring home another member of our family. And doesn't he look like he needs his mommy and daddy, brother and sister???
Super cool God note: The painting behind him was actually painted by a really good and long time Chinese friend of mine! Random? I think NOT! My friend (I'll call her Sunshine to protect her identity) mobilizes artists every summer to go and beautify orphanages. It is a way for Believers to serve orphans. Last summer Sunshine and a group of friends went to Quinn's orphanage and painted murals. I contacted her when we got these updated pictures and asked if that happened to be one of the murals. She wrote back and said, "That is exactly what we painted last summer!" Can you believe God would arrange that special treat for all of us?! Why does He spoil me so rotten???
Another fun fact that Sunshine told me is that all of the Special Needs kids are in a separate facility from the larger orphanage. Almost all of the caretakers there are believers. Of all the orphanages in all of China, Sunshine went to OURS. Of all the orphanages in China, Quinn was put in one where at least some of the workers love Jesus. In case you don't know, that is next to impossible!!!
Like I said, I love my life because I just never know what surprises God has for me. Some are hard, some are utterly lovely and amazing. Either way, my life is so NOT boring. Stay tuned for the next step on this journey.


Mom2Twins said...

We love following your journey to Quinn. Know that we are praying for all of you every step of the way.
Blessings to you all and safe travels.

Kay Bratt said...

Quinn is indeed a cutie pie. Good luck-- prayers are with you.


sangju said...

I can't wait to see a picture of all of you together with Quinn!!!