Monday, July 5, 2010

Getaway part one


Summertime doesn't get any better than a trip to Grandma's when COUSINS are going to be there.

And there was plenty of fun to be had by all up in Ashtabula this past week.

Geneva on the Lake (an old school *resort* that is now a touch dumpy but perfect for our kids' ages) has become a family favorite. Rides, fair food, and games.

What a difference a year makes with this kind of stuff. Last year Olivia rode the bumper boats but kind of hated it. This year, she LOVED it.

As did I. Lucky me. Since Quinn wimped out at the last minute, I got to ride kid-free. I had so much fun slamming into my family. Pent up frustrations? Oops.

One night (right before bed) we let the kids frost cookies and decorate them.

I confess, it was all my idea.

Mostly because the tub of frosting called my name as we strolled through Giant Eagle that afternoon. What can I say? It was vacation and my defenses were down.

After the decorating session was over, the sugar buzz was palpable.

But it didn't really matter anyways. There was little sleep to be had at grandma's house this past week.

All three of our kids were in the same room and that is a recipe for noise (and heaps of fun.) I could listen to them enjoy themselves for awhile.
Then, I lay down the law.

The girls invented a game of store in grandma's bushes.

But they needed customers. Thankfully, grandma is always game for a newly invented game.

A new water table awaited our arrival. The kids really had fun with this table. Of course we have a pool and sprinkler at home that they are already bored with but they wouldn't leave this thing alone. Naturally, we came home with it at the end of the week. What are the chances it will go by the pool/sprinkler wayside in about 6 days?!

One thing we did NOT come home with was this Barbie Princess car (praise the Lord!). But the kids had soooo much fun driving this thing in circles around the driveway. This is another thing that has really changed in the past year.

Last year, Olivia would ride in it but would not drive.

This year, her brothers were lucky to get a turn. See how happy Turner was once he did?!

All in all, its good to have cousins. But its even better when you get to spend time with them!

We love and miss you Natalie and Carter.

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

I LOVE cousins!! For me and my kids!