Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have all the symptoms

Friday morning, I (as in by myself, no other parties, just me) will be climbing aboard an airplane headed for Philly. Yep, Philly. It might not *sound* all that exotic, but trust me, it is!

You see, months before my birthday rolled around, and especially long before I knew my birthday would fall 2 days after my mom's memorial service, I had informed Steve that ALL I wanted for my birthday was a getaway- just for me. Something I have not done in 5 years.

Steve would like to catch me on a technicality; but he can't. You see, there was this little trip to NYC about 2 1/2 years ago. Granted, he didn't go. But I did take Turner. I had to. He was 5 months old and I was nursing him day and night. My good friend Laura was having a Martha Stewart wedding (literally. Laura used to work at the Living magazine. Martha was there. Her wedding was in the the Weddings magazine. I pumped milk in the bathroom at the reception. Classy.) In no way shape or form do I consider that trip *by myself*. Although, it was a great trip and super fun to see friends.

Enough about that. This year, I wanted an actual trip by myself to meet up with my best friend, Lisa. Who happens to live right outside of Philly, in NJ. Originally, we had planned to both fly somewhere super fun and warm, preferably near water. But as the time got closer and the writing was on the wall in regards to my mom's situation, we decided it was best for me to fly her way and we'd stay in a bed and breakfast in a quaint shore town.

So that is exactly what we are doing. And I have all the signs of a woman ready to jet!

Little plane size toiletries? Check (I'll be darned if I'm paying $30 to check a bag for 2 nights.)
Chick Lit? Check (Because I don't have to talk to or entertain ANYONE on 4 whole flights.)
Laundry clean and ready to be packed? Check (I know its 2 days in advance, I just can't help it.)
Fridge stocked so dad doesn't have to think too much? Check ('nough said.)
Unable to sleep at night because I'm so excited? Check

There you have it. I know it's only 2 nights away, but still. You can't blame a girl for a little enthusiasm. Happy Birthday to me!


Joyce said...

Happy Birthday...have fun! I grew up outside of Phila on the NJ side : ) Phila is a fun city.

KTC said...

YEAH for getaways! It might be all I ever want for ANY birthday or holiday for the rest of my life!! Have a great time!

cindy q said...

E, How FUN! I just have to say thought, so close to NYC yet so far away. Enjoy.

Colleen said...

You deserve a fun getaway, E! Have a fantastic trip!

betseykerr said...

Yeah for you! The soul can always use a little R&R. Have fun, relax, enjoy every minute of your "me time"! Take care!

Lisa said...

YAYYYYY!!!! Lisa can't wait for you to get your butt over here to Jersey! We've got Jersey corn. We've got Jersey tomatoes. We've got Jersey blueberries. All in season and so delectable!!! I can't wait, E!!!!