Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home is where the ocean is, unless you live in Ohio. Then it's just vacation.

I made it back alive, refreshed and a bit tanner than I started. I was gone a total of 72 hours, but it might as well have been a month.
There's nothing a little salt air won't cure.
Except a bad contact lens. I spent the entire weekend wearing one contact b/c apparently I either got hot sauce on my contact or had a non-detectable rip in it. Either way, I wanted to scratch my eyeball out of the socket. Not good. I nearly went blind trying to read on the beach the first day. But hey, a girl can't wear glasses at the beach. Especially since 5 minutes into my first swim in the ocean, I lost my favorite Banana Republic sun glasses. But I digress.

You know what else will cure anything? A good girlfriend!

Lisa and I go back to the fall of 1999. We were both foreign students in China. And I'll tell 'ya what. Nothing brings you together with someone more than living in a crappy Chinese dorm room and failing some basic language classes together. Somehow, we've managed to not only stay in touch, but to remain soul sisters! It's a miracle actually. We've only lived on the same side of the world for three out of the eleven years we've been friends. We've been in e/o's weddings. She was even there on our Gotcha Day with Quinn last July 26th (Lisa's birthday!) All in all, life is happier when Lisa is around.

Needless to say, it was a very happy weekend.
Hard not to be when this is the view from your Bed & Breakfast window. (Even if it was on the 4th floor of a non-air conditioned beach house.) But hey, its all about the adventure. Even if its a sweaty one.
Both mornings we awoke to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing. For real! I swear to you, I only thought that happened in novels. But I lived it this weekend.
Coffee on our porch, over looking the ocean. Then breakfast prepared by someone else. Yes please.
By 9:30 we were here. I am convinced I could live by the ocean for the rest of my life and die a happy women. I guess that's why I live in Dayton, Ohio.
Lisa and I were some of the first people at the shore on Saturday. Our B&B provided towels and beach chairs but we had to rent a beach umbrella. I'm pretty sure the UV index was 22 or something close to it.
This was my view by noon. Seriously? This Russian family came and set up shop IN OUR LAPS! I'm not kidding when I say I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, "They are 22 years late, but the Russians have done it. They've finally invaded!" I thought it might be taken as a racial slur and opted not. They even came equipped with a blow up kiddie pool. What the? Do you SEE how close we are to the water? And they needed a pool? Weird.

I don't know how many posts will come from my vacay. But I'm pretty sure I've got some good posts ahead. I certainly don't want to get annoying (anyone wanna come over and see my slides?) But every time something funny (and let me tell 'ya... we were at the Jersey shore, so there was plenty of funny) I'd just smile and say, "Blog worthy!"

Hey, if you can't be at the ocean, at least you can blog about it. Stay tuned.


Lisa said...

I've been dying to read this post for days... I kept checking back to see if you'd written yet. You do a weekend justice, E, that's for sure! I love that you can blog about it but I can just read your blog for the memories! I am still smiling and relaxed from our awesome getaway weekend. What a treat! *hugs*

Katie O. said...

i'll come over and see the slides :D