Saturday, July 10, 2010

In My Sleep

Remember how once upon a time I used to live in NYC? Yep. I was a 23 year old whipper snapper, running around Manhattan like I owned it. And I loved it. I worked at NYU doing college ministry with a Christian organization. It was *challenging* to say the least. My first year it was me and this freshman boy from Texas. We met weekly to pray for the campus. He left the following year. Guess he couldn't hack it. He headed back to the Lone Start State. But the following year we un-earthed about 6 or so Jesus followers. It was good times.

Well, the year prior to my getting there, a guy named Allen Wolf graduated from NYU film school was involved with our group and attended my church, Redeemer Presbyterian. He was a strong believer and a talented guy. From what I heard. He was, in fact, a legend. It was all, "Too bad Allen's not still here" that whole time it was me and the freshman Texan. Yeah, really too bad! You know what else is funny, the guy's from Dayton. Who knew. My life has now officially come full circle.

OK, so fast forward a (ackhem) few years to last night. (Yep, we're talking a 14 few years.) Steve and I went to a Dayton area showing of Allen's new film "In My Sleep." It was a film featured at the Cannes Film Festival. And it was good. And it had some cool spiritual themes with out being a cheesy *Christian* movie. In fact, some Christians might not be super happy with the subject matter; I for one thought it was brilliantly done.

After the film was over, Allen did a Q&A time. It was rather insightful. Again, some may not have been happy because he didn't use his platform to "share the Gospel." I thought he was spot on. I love that there is someone in the film world, grounded in his faith (from what I hear) and yet making good movies. Not cheesy. Not in your face. But subtle. I was going to introduce myself after the Q&A, but it looked like I was going to have to stand in line behind every 4th grade classmate and 70 year old Sunday school teacher who was in attendance. All so I could say, "Hi Allen, I'm Elizabeth and I used to work at NYU." Stupid. So I skipped it.

If you're in Dayton and looking for something to do this weekend, I'd recommend hitting it before it leaves town. It's out at the Greene and you can check the Internet for show times. You can also go to the movie's face book page and see if its coming to your town soon.

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