Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's up doc

Did you ever have one of those days where it just felt like your life got hijacked?

Welcome to my day.

Poor Turner. He's just an accident/boo boo waiting to happen.

Our family has battled MRSA for a few years now. If you don't know what MRSA is, thank your lucky stars. Its a staph infection that is impervious to antibiotics.

We usually know someone around here has it when a nasty boil somewhere on the skin appears. Then we know it's going to get passed around for a few weeks. And I'll tell you one thing about those boils... they hurt!

We noticed one last week on Turner's belly. Below his belly button but under is diaper line. Let's just say, not a good place to have a boil. There's really no good place to have a boil. But this is a REALLY not good place. Especially when you still wear a diaper.

After nearly a week off of workouts, I was looking forward to a kick-butt spinning class. The writing was on the wall, however, when we got up and the boil was still nasty looking so I got him in at the pediatrician.

I know I've *mentioned* my slight irritations with my pediatrician and his poorly managed office before. Well, today didn't help build his case. After sitting for a nice long while, he came in, gave it a quick look over and decided it was too big of a situation for him to handle, so he made us an appointment over at Dayton's Children's Hospital in their outpatient surgery office.

At 2:00 (right in the middle of nap time) all 4 of us headed over to be told there really wasn't much they could do surgically today. Come back Friday if it doesn't look better.

This is what the crew looked like on the way back from the hospital.

I basically looked the same way. But 40 minutes after arriving home, Olivia and I had to head back out for an appointment with her counselor. I've been taking O to see a Christian Counselor since April to help her over come some anxiety issues. Today was the day I intended to *break up* with Dr. Ruth (yep, that's what she asks to be called!) And if you were around at all in the 80's and remember trying to steal a listen to the Dr. Ruth call-in show, you'll know why I can barely call her that with out snickering. Mature, I know.
For a bunch of reasons, including the fact that I got in trouble last time we were there for my boys being *too loud* in the lobby for the hour we had to wait for O to talk to her, I've decided enough is enough. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the conversation. And yep, I got talked into coming at least one more time. We'll take it from there.
All in all, I spent WAY too much time in Dr.'s offices today. Tomorrow... I don't care who's sick around here. They are on their own!


jenny from mommin' it up said...

oh my gosh E. that is WAY too much for one day! next time drop a couple of kids off here! or better yet we'll come to you so I won't have to clean my house ;)

Katie O. said...

i'm way behind on stalking...er...i mean reading your blog, but oh goodness i see quinn has got some of those silly bands!!! my players love those things, but i didn't know it hit the really young ones too!!