Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Because I might be insane

This week it occurred to me, maybe I should have some sort of parenting plan. I'm pretty sure there are parents out there who do, right. Me? Not so much. I just do things willie nillie. But its who I am. Its what I do.

After we stopped walking this weekend. We started on a project.

We went from this.

To this.

Big boy bunk beds.

And oh my. What a hit. The assembly... not so much. But the sleeping has been fabulous.

In spite of the photo, Turner sleeps on top and Quinn is on the bottom.

The logic behind the madness? If Turner is on the bottom there is less of a barrier for him to get out of bed and have free roam. Thus protecting all us from the wrath of Turner. So top bunk it is.

All three kids have spent an unusually large amount of time in the boys' room the past few days.

It's super cute.
And by cute I mean they are not pestering me and I like it.

And if that wasn't a big enough change for a week, I thought, "Hey. Why not try potty training too?"

So, yesterday, I slapped some big boy underwear on them and bought a second little potty.

Pretty much, no success. I've heard boys are harder than girls. Olivia pretty basically trained herself. Never wet her bed or had an accident. (Spoiled much?) THIS time around, my friends, is not going to be a walk through the park.
I'm hanging in there with Quinn.
Turner? He's already back in #5's. But sittin' on the pot certainly suites him, don'tcha think?

PS. Blogspot is killing me with spacing. The photos and copy were suppose to match up. Sorry for the crazy read, but I don't have the time to goof around. This is when its good to not be a *prefessional* blogger !:)


jenny from mommin' it up said...

both of my kids were a pain to potty train, regardless of gender. However, training Sophie has made me WAY more suicidal than training Joshua did. So score one for the Soph.

KTC said...

I think Jandro was eventually trained around age 3 (daytime) but still in nighttime pullups for a long while! And then, layers of towels at night, and I'd just peel off a wet layer or two as necessary in the night. Good grief!! don't envy you the potty training!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Potty training is NEVER fun - I'd almost rather change the diapers!! Cute pics of the kiddos :)...

Colleen said...

Cute bunk beds! Kirsten is only mildly interested in the potty...I was hoping #3 would be the easy one! Oh well, I'm pretty sure she'll go to kindergarten fully potty trained! Good luck!