Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My dirty little secret

I watch the Bachelorette. It's true. And I can't help myself. Even though it makes me mad and I talk to the tv and I want to crawl under the couch out of embarrassment for someone every week- I love to hate it.

I didn't get sucked into the Bachelor/Bachelorette vortex until last season. (I swear!) I used to judge people who watched *that trash.* But truth be told, the real reason I never got sucked in before "On the Wings of Love " was that I had a meeting every Monday night for years that I had to be at for work during the show. My schedule changed a bit this past school year and I found myself at home, kids in bed, Steve out at least every other Monday, if not more. So I *accidentally* took a peak during the season premier of Jake's season. WELL... you know I had to tune in the following week to see who stuck around. Thus, the vortex had me.

I, much like the rest of the American trash watchers, fell in love with Alli. So, naturally, when I heard she was the Bachelorette this summer... I was in. Overall, I've been pretty disappointed. She hasn't endeared me nearly as much as she did when she was just one of the women vying for the Control Freak Jake (I mean, did you SEE that interview with Jake and Vienna?? Oye Vey. She certainly didn't come off smelling like a rose either.) Goodness.

Here's my point (should I have a point when it comes to a post about the Bachelorette? Don't know. But I have one anyway.) If you did happen to see this past week, we watched Frank (my personal fav) *realize* he's actually in love with his ex-girlfriend. So, he flies ALL THE WAY to Tahiti (and judging from the tan he had during the episode he also got to have a little personal retreat), to lower the boom in person. They cry. They were devastated. Boo hoo. Yada Yada. Personally, I thought she was going to pick Frank and the reason she was devastated was that he didn't fall in love back. She was all bunged up about him realizing he didn't love her.. how dare he etc. Man, I just wanted her to be honest and tell us, "But I wanted to marry him." Of course, she didn't. Because what would that mean for the guy who does propose and then watches the season? Yikers.

Hello HYPOCRITE!! She decides she wants to go through with the rose ceremony even though there are only 2 guys left so that she can be certain that these two guys are in it for love... for her. So she won't get her heart broken.

I'm sitting there yelling at the tv, "WHAT? You want a guarantee from a guy who will then turn around and get sent home? The exact same way Frank let you down and now you're all mad and calling him selfish?" I don't get it! Seriously, I don't. I guess when you're *in control* you lose sight of perspective. Yowzers.

I guess that's what makes it good tv. When your blood pressure gets all high and you want to choke someone through the tube. As for me, I think both of her choices are now dullsville. But then again, so is she.

Here's hoping The Bachelor Pad delivers enough blood pressure raising excitement to put me in the hospital. See you August 3rd.


betseykerr said...

Oh, I too love the Bachelorette....ahhhh...but, as much as Alli is Ok, the girl has issues. I think she is attracked to boys like Frank (unstable, need to be 'rescued', and don't always love her back), but these boys aren't good for her and leave her broken hearted...she needs a boy of stability, maybe 'dullsville', but sweet, and lets her kinda run the show, but think she is fabulous. I think Chris will win out...but oine thing is for certain, I wiwll be tuning in the next few weeks for the finale...and next week to watch "I want to guard and protect her heart."!!!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Yep, I'm totally addicted. I can't help myself - I can't turn away from the drama! I actually didn't like Frank - thought there was something strange there all along, he was SO obssesive! I think Chris is the one for the long haul, but I bet she'll choose Roberto - don't ya think?

Either way, I will tune in :)!