Monday, March 1, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

Friday afternoon, after we picked Olivia up from school, we packed up the van and headed north to visit my parents. We dropped Baxter off at a kennel that is a stone's throw off of I-75 and then we kept on trucking. As soon as we dropped Baxter off, the weather turned on us. I guess if I had been at all interested in the weather up North, rather than the Bachelor, American Idol, the Olympics all week (oh my, I do have a problem, don't I? I was going to give up tv for lent but it falls during American Idol and I just can't do it...) I *might* have known we were in for a doozy of a drive and a fierce winter storm. And I also *might* have packed at least one pair of boots for someone in our house hold. But I didn't, so therefore, I didn't.

The normal 2 hour and 15 minute drive took nearly 3 and a half hours. But we made it. I guess in honor of the snow falling, Olivia requested to watch the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular (YES! We do own it on DVD if you ever want to borrow it) the whole way there. Fun times. And it was a good reminder that there are only 299 shopping days left until Christmas. So let's get on it people!

We opted to not borrow a second pack 'n play for this trip and take an enormous risk by putting Turner in a blow up *big boy* bed. Hey, what can I say? We like to live on the wild side! Steve was a skeptic while I, for once in our marriage, was the optimist. I figured we are looking to buy the boys this adorable toddler bunk bed from Ikea in the near future, so we ought to let him give it a whirl.

After visiting with Bebe and Paw and having dinner we bit the bullet and went back to the little apartment we stay at while in Toledo (same complex as my parents just across the driveway.) All three kids were in the same room and Turner explored his new blow up bed. Once we finished reading, praying and saying all the required good nights, we closed the door and held our breath. We turned the tv on mute and enjoyed (mostly) the giggles and scampering from inside the room. The only thing we required was that everyone stay in their bed. And to be fair, Quinn had it easy, because he couldn't get out. The other two pushed the envelope several times. Turner had 2 harsh disciplines (hey, we gotta lay down the law now or there's gonna be heck to pay once we get those bunk beds.)

After 2 disciplines, Turner got the picture. But all kids were up nearly 2 hours past their bed time singing, laughing, banging and generally enjoying a thrill of childhood. A *sleep over.* And I was proud of our utterly inflexible selves. (Although Steve declared, "I will be angry once it hits 9:00!") I wasn't sure if he meant at them or me.

Night number two went out without a hitch. No one got a discipline. There were still songs and giggles to be had by all, and even a declaration, "Its time to have a little party" by Olivia to her brothers. (I told her right before bed time, it was ok to have a party but they had to stay in their beds and once mommy and daddy said it was time to stop they needed to obey.) Perhaps it was out of sheer exhaustion, but the party didn't last too long.

We hit the road Sunday afternoon in time to pick up Baxter from the kennel and host house church. All in all it was a successful and monumental trip up north. Ahhh... I love it when a plan comes together!

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Katie O. said...

My question for you is...Are you getting the bed tent for the bunk bed??