Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been duped

In my quest to live frugally and save a buck, I've made a poor decision this evening. Because I live and love Facebook, I have fallen prey to one of those marketing ploys. Have you seen the rolling/scrolling adds for things like "If your 37 this year, claim your free pair of UGG boots now." Yep, tried that one a few weeks ago and when I figured out you have to sign up for other stuff, I bailed.

Well tonight as we were engrossed in American Idol (btw, I really enjoyed Lee tonight) a message came in on my Facebook saying I could be one of the first 4,000 people to claim my $1,000 Ikea Gift Card. Well shoot, we want to buy those bunk beds and what price is a few moments of my time, so I was in.

As I got into the *survey* I realized that I, again, would need to sign up for a few things. After checking in with Steve, we decided to give Netflix a whirl, as well as some nicely priced coffee. (both of which I have written on the calender to cancel within 2 weeks.) Then IT happened.

The dupe of all dupes. After I signed up for those 2 things, I needed to sign up for ANOTHER 9 (n.i.n.e.) things. Nope. That's where I draw the line. Remember, I just got rid of my home phone the other day and STILL don't have music on my Ipod, like I'm going to sign up for nine Internet services (that are now attached to me like a ball and chain.)

Hey, I'm all for a coupon deal... but there ain't nothin' out there for free. If it seems to be too good to be true... it is.

Oh, and if you're a Facebook friend of mine, sorry if you got the Ikea gift card invite from me, it was part of the requirements. And if you're up for selling your info, good luck on 'ya! As for me and my house, we're going to buy from Ikea the old fashion way- with cash.

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Katie O. said...

I'm ready to put music on your ipod when you are. We will have to find a time to do this soon :)