Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jesus books make me sin

We were on our way from the Y to pick up Olivia at school this morning. The boys have an assortment of books they enjoy on our rides around town. On any given day, one book is the current fave. Lately, the favorite has been Jesus Loves Me. (Mostly 'cuz I'm such a good mom and because they are spiritually advanced for their age!)

Quinn was the first to request "Jesus Bookie" (okay, so they might not be as verbally advanced, but we like to keep our priorities.) As soon as I handed Quinn the Jesus Bookie, Turner began to demand the Jesus Bookie. At which point Quinn began to *more thoroughly* and *more actively* enjoy the Jesus Bookie. Meaning he began waving it around, turning on and off the over head light with it (about 50 times) pretty much taunting his brother with the Jesus Bookie.

The WHOLE time, Turner just screamed over and over again, "JESUS BOOKIE!" Finally, out of the corner of my eye (after nearly 10 minutes of taunting) I noticed Quinn no longer had the book in his hand. "Quinn, what did you do with the Jesus Book? Did you give it to Turner?" After a small glance over my shoulder I noticed Turner did NOT have the book and he was still silently crying at this point. Then there it was, the sliest, orneriest, most sinfully satisfied smile on Quinn's face and directly behind that face/head was the Jesus Book, being used as a pillow. That stinker was NOT going to give up the book.

Finally, I convinced Quinn to give Turner a turn. I bribed him with a chance at the Buckeye book (because, yes, at our house... second behind Jesus books come OSU Buckeye books.) Quinn handed the Jesus Bookie over to Turner and delightfully took the Buckeye book. And instantly Turner demanded the Buckeye book. Doesn't it say something in that there Jesus book about coveting? Yeah, just checking.

On a more *encouraging* note, after we picked up O from school, I made the boys lunch, set O up with a snack only to find some sort of explosion had happened in the dress up box. When I asked Olivia what had happened she answered, "That's okay mom... you can pick it up. Its what you do!"

BTW, what IS the going rate for a housekeeper these days? 'Cuz I'm due some back pay.

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