Monday, March 22, 2010

R.I.P. Rosey

The other morning, Quinn insisted on NOT wearing his shirt at breakfast. He also insisted on eating his rice krispies with a fork. Whatever! I'm not dying on that hill. A red neck Chinese-Polish-American. Who knew?!

Earlier last week, Olivia came home and a announced that Rosey, the class pet tarantula had died. (I always thought it was an odd class pet, but Dayton Public IS on a strict budget after all.) She said that some guy came to spray for spiders in the bathroom and that Rosey didn't like it and died.

There were LOTS of questions in my mind surrounding that one. Then a few days later some how the passing of Rosey re-surfaced at our house. I asked if she was feeling sad about it? "Nope. Rosey's still in the classroom." WHAT? "So, Rosey's not dead after all." "No, she's dead. The teachers just put a paper towel over her." Hmmm... I thought I'd confirm the story. When we gave Lei'Asya a ride home that day I asked her mom about it. "Did Lei'Asya tell you about Rosey the spider?" "Yeah! She said that the teachers are keeping her in the room."

Well, fact or pre-schooler urban legend, that is the question? Now, we had to get to the bottom of this. The suspense was killing me. (Hey, I don't get out much these days. What can I say?) The next morning I gave Steve his marching orders. "You need to ask about Rosey when you drop O off today, ok?"

I got a phone call 20 minutes after drop off. "Well, it's true. Rosey's dead. Teacher said that tarantulas sometimes dry out nicely and make a good specimen. They're gonna roll the dice."

Now THAT'S quality education for 'ya! Looks like I'm headed for 2/3 redneck children.