Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How did I get here?

Well, in case you're waiting on pins and needles after yesterday's post, I DID take out two bags of trash and one bag of recycling. But I did NOT get to the dust bunnies today! I did, however, get up at 6:15 this morning so that I could get a shower, get O dressed, get the boys dressed, get O breakfast, pack all required bags for the morning so that O could be at school by 7:45 and that I could be at a meeting at the office by 9. Whew. We did it without anyone being tardy AND even stopped at Tim Horton's to "kill" a few moments before we needed to be at the office. Tim Horton's, mmm... not a huge fan.

Thankfully, Steve gets back tonight (AFTER the kids are in bed... well planned, my love, well planned indeed!) We talked for a few moments last night but he couldn't talk long because he was on his way to Cirque du Soleil as a special surprise treat for his conference. My special surprise treat last night? A BOMB of a dinner as I tried out a new recipe in the crock pot. FYI, skip all dishes that call for hash browns in the crock pot. Not a good idea! But I'm not bitter.

I did have everyone in bed in plenty of time for my 2 hours of American Idol. Oh how I love the next 3 months of my life. Who will be my new best friends? Although, I have to admit, I was racking my brain last night trying to remember who were even in the top 10 last year. I think I have a problem. The problem being that a.) I even spent time doing that and b.) I can't remember who they were.

If you're not tuned in, I suggest you do. Seems like we've got some pretty good talent this year. As usual, I'm a bit partial to the men... I just happen to prefer guy musicians. But I have to say there are a few girls from last night that I'm pretty excited about and a few guys tonight that I really like.

I'm also pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy Ellen as a judge. She's funny without having it be about her. I also like that she isn't a musical expert. It kind of feels a bit like me sitting up there (except I'd NEVER wear that sport coat from last night.)

Anyhow, I had intended to blog a bit about what God is teaching me recently. Hopefully this isn't it. (I occasionally go deeper than crock pots and American Idol.) Not sure how I got here but I'll save the deep stuff for when Steve gets back and I have some extra to give. Until then, keep your hash browns in the oven where they belong!

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Eli Miller said...

Hey, E. Funny you mention the crock pot because we just got one today. Got any particular dishes/recipes you recommend? All I know that crock pots are good for is stew and roasts, both of which are good, but the latter is not really available here in Korea.

Thanks for writing your blog, it's always really fun to read!