Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a casual date

I pick Olivia up from school each day (except for Thursdays) between 11:30-11:45. The problem is, I have to "kill" a half hour after working out each day so that we don't just sit around and wait for O to be dismissed.
THIS is what happens when we just sit. It ain't pretty!
I have enjoyed school pick up a bit more now that the weather is getting nicer. The other moms seems to arrive earlier now too and we sit around and chat a bit. That makes me smile... as the boys scream. Lets just say, its not my favorite 1/2 hour of our day. But the other moms have been making it better.
Last week as I was picking Olivia up, I found out that she and her friend Raine have been planning a play date for themselves. They even sat down during school with paper and some markers and drew a map to our house so that Raine would be able to find it.
So, Raine's mom and I exchanged phone numbers and arranged to take the girls to the park one day this week after school. They also decided to include the 3rd pea in the pod, Lei'asya, in on the date.
Well, thankfully today the weather was perfect! We packed snacks, Polly Pockets and tennis shoes for the date. I even picked up McDonald's chocolate chip cookies for a snack.
It was a really fun time to "spy" on the girls. Lei'asya turned 5 yesterday and Raine turns 5 in 3 weeks. They are both so much *braver* than O. Some is personality, but some is being nearly a year older. I realized how much O really is the baby of the class. And these girls really look out for her.
It was interesting to see how different we three moms are from each other, but you know what??? I really enjoyed getting to know these 2 ladies. I would never even probably have met 2 such women, but its fun to see our friendship budding through our daughters' friendships. I love it.
And not to be left behind... the boys. And where there's mud, there is Turner. THIS is why I rarely take the three kids by myself anywhere. It was a bit challenging keeping my eyes on all three. Thankfully the other 2 moms took an active role in watching the kids; including the boys.
Turner filled the job of pesky little brother quite well. It was really cute. The date's grand finale was the 1/2 hour sit down play with Polly Pockets. All three girls had such a good time together. And there was no arguing or bickering from anyone. Oh Lord, may it always be so!

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