Monday, March 15, 2010

Life in the fast lane

Friday night Steve and I had a date. We average a date about every other week. Which is pretty good, I think. The fact that it was on a Friday night made me rather giddy. We usually plan our outings on a week night because, frankly, I feel guilty asking a college student to give up their weekend night to hang with my kids. But we took a walk on the wild side and I bit the bullet and asked for a Friday.

What made it really wild and crazy? We headed down I-75 to Ikea. Just like all the kids are doing! And the naughtiest of all? We bought bunk beds! After months of research, contemplating and financial recuperating (remember that bathroom renovation and kitchen re-paint in Feb. OUCH!) we decided to make it happen.

We hopped in the mini van and were in the car not 20 minutes before the most horrific downpour/thunderstorm of 2010. Actually, its been the ONLY downpour/thunderstorm of 2010. So there we were swimming our way to the Gold and Blue neon sign that just kind of beckons me. While some of the wares at Ikea are along the lines of "disposable," much of what they offer is kinda cool and interesting, if not a wee bit of a pain in the rear to put together.

Steve suggested dinner at Ikea, but Swedish Meatballs for $1.99 was NOT what this mama on the town on a Friday night was after. We bought a few *additional* items while we were on the way to the beds. I can't help it if the boys needed new towels for swim lessons.

After nearly giving himself a hernia lifting the bunk bed box onto the trolley, we headed for the check out (you're wider than you think!) and into the monsoon that had erupted in time for us (and by us I mean Steve) to load all the goodies into the van.

We stopped for a burger (or in my case a salmon burger) at Red Robin. I would recommend avoiding Red Robin... they have a bottomless basket of fries- which is really just a public obscenity. Honestly, there should be a law against a fry basket being bottomless- public indecency perhaps? We had such a fun time watching the end of the UD men's basketball game (even if they DID lose), talking and stuffing our faces.

Its funny how when you're dating you just want to be married and when you're married, you just want to be dating. I love going on dates with my husband, even if its accomplishing mundane tasks in the rain and eating in loud chain restaurants. Who knew I'm living my dream life... but I am! Stay tuned for our next date... bunk bed assembly and pizza.


Katie said...

you are so funny to me E! i love it! and to hear you say you were watching a basketball game on a date and enjoyed it...i'm speechless and so proud!

Anonymous said...

it's impossible to be in ikea and not buy 'extras' right? some of the stuff is practically free!
happy bunk beds :)

cindy said...

I wish I was there to assemble it. Ross and I fight over who gets to assemble because we both actually like doing it!

Katie O. said...

Feel free to ask me to baby-sit on a Friday whenever you want. I LOVE hanging out with your kids. Whether it is during the week or on a Friday night. Once we got past the tears (which is typical) we always have fun!