Monday, October 26, 2009

One more thing I forgot...

Our final step in making Quinn an "official" American citizen.

While he immediately became an American on August 5th when he crossed through customs in New Jersey, there were a few more formalities to go through in order to get him a social security card and an American birth certificate.

So a week ago last Friday the 5 of us went to court. (Olivia was protesting and decided not to be in the picture. Whatever!) The lady on the phone encouraged us to "bring everyone" since this is the first time in all the official court stuff a camera was allowed.
*Luckily*? Olivia was out of school and so she was able to join us. But I have to say, the lady on the phone seemed a bit more positive about having young kids in the court room than the Judge did. Although, I have to say, O was NOT on her best behavior! If you look hard over my shoulder in this picture you will see her crawling all over the benches. She also messed around with microphones and the jury box before she got reprimanded by the Judge.
In my defense, how the heck are you suppose to discipline your child in a COURTROOM before the JUDGE who is deeming you fit to adopt a new child?!?
While I wanted to flick her ear or spank her buns, I didn't dare do either. So before she pronounced us Quinn's parents in the eyes of Montgomery County (a mere formality at this point) she tongue and cheek gave us a hard time about the behavior of our kids. (Which mostly just ticked me off.)
Apparently, the Judge is a few years past 3, 3 and under.
Quinn got to meet the Judge and she gave him a tiny little gavel as a keepsake.
As for me, I'd rather forget the whole mess! The court date that is, not the adoption!
Congrats, Quinn! You made it kid. You are a true Buckeye now!


Susie said...

Oh wow - that is hilarious about Olivia. The judge reminds me of the lady who just suggested I "put my kids in another room." Sheesh, people.

Lisa said...

that's so fun E! Congrats!!! Could you have threatened O with the whole "see that policeman? If you don't behave he's going to take you to the prison!"

jenny from Mommin' It Up said...

I find it quite humorous that the judge was really "judging" you! Whaddyado!?