Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Because I know you think this is going to be a post about some hayride I took with Olivia and Turner (while Steve and Quinn were down in Cincinnati for some pre-op appointments, how rude.)
Truly, these pictures are pretty self explanatory. We rode a wagon covered in hay, picked a pumpkin or two, saw some animals, and froze our buns off. (Note, I had my winter coat and let my kids wear sweaters and sweat shirts. Mom of the year, at your service.)
But because I'm so far behind in life, I'm just now posting the pics for family to see. *Side note, after viewing the pics, I promptly headed off to get my daughter a haircut. Funny how you can see them everyday and not notice the need but when you see the hair in pics, it screams, "Cut me!"
No, the REAL story of the day is my rude cashier at CVS today. She's really got me in a bunge and I need to do some blog therapy right here, right now.
Due to my busy life (places to go, people to see) I didn't know how I was going to *squeeze* in a CVS run today. You see, there was a nice little candy deal going on (coupled with a few coupons was going to make me fat and happy) but it ends today.
But because I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon and after that the kids and I are going to hit our second annual Kroger Halloween party I just didn't know how I was going to make it happen. So after working out and before picking Olivia up at school, we hit a nearby CVS (not my normal one.)
I had my game plan all mapped out. It included using a $5 off a $25 purchase from Rite Aid. My usual CVS takes competitor coupons. I was aware that this one may not, but I didn't have time to go to the one near my house.
When I got up to the cash register I could already tell this woman was annoyed when she saw my coupons and ECBs in hand.
I politely asked her if this location accepted competitor coupons. She looked at me like I was speaking to her in Chinese. "WHAT?" So I repeated it again and explained that my local CVS would accept my Rite Aid coupons and would she?
She sighed the biggest sigh and said in a real snippy voice, "Well, I'm gonna have to check on that." Okay.
So she rang me up and gave me my total. I handed her all of my coupons and then she gave me my new total. I then politely asked her, "Would you mind checking to see if you can take my Rite Aid coupon?"
Another HUGE sigh. "Fine." She called up the manager in her best annoyed voice. Let me just stop right there and say that this was a victory for me. There would have been a day when I would have felt badly about asking in the first place, let alone pursuing her to check for me. And FORGET IT if she had been annoyed. I probably would have apologized profusely and then just moved on.
Instead, I stuck to my guns and let her DO HER JOB for crying out loud. As it turns out, they did not take my $5 coupon. Which really was a bummer. I'll go ahead and admit that I've spent and re spent that $5 100 different ways since 10:45 this morning. But whatever, I'm still richer for having stuck to my guns and not let that lady getaway with her attitude.
Moral of the story: Do anything for a free bag of candy, stick with the CVS you know and love and ALWAYS put a winter coat on your kid before a hay ride.

Oh, and get your kid a haircut before it looks like THIS in a picture. THE END


Lisa said...

too funny! so, now that i'm back on US soil, I'm enjoying my CVS coupons too. But i need some tutoring from you I think. :-)

jenny from Mommin' It Up said...

I hate going to a "foreign" CVS! It's so nerve-wracking. NO excuse for the cashier to be rude though. I thought you & your kiddos looked adorable on the hayride! My outfit was not so chic as I didn't prepare for the weather. That was a fun day I am so glad you guys came. Joshua was sooooo sad when he saw the pics and realized he got left out. Hope Quinn is still blissfully ignorant.