Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missing: Snow White

If you happen to find her, please return her to our house.

I *may* have mentioned that I am organizationally challenged a time or two, right? Well, this week, I've officially lost my mind (and several rather important items.) And I'm even annoying myself right now.

I've spent the better part of my relaxing Sunday afternoon looking for several items I've *misplaced* this week. I like to think that one of the three kids is really the culprit (and for 2 of the 3 items, they may be) but as for ALL OF MY WINTER SHOES, SCARVES AND HATS, probably not. Shoot.

After nearly 45 minutes in every closet in the house (let's just say with an old home like ours, storage is NOT an issue) I finally found them. Neatly tucked away in the attic in 2 large Zip Lock storage bags and one diaper box. All appropriately marked, no less. Ha! This time I was actually too efficient for my own good. I never thought to look for them, put away.

As for Turner's other shoe... it may have gone to be with all of the missing socks in our house. A kind of laundry purgatory if you will. But I'm really sad that we can't find this shoe. Mostly because its the only fall shoe we have for him, currently. And its cute. But it loses its cuteness when its frustrating the crap out of you that you can't find its mate.

Then there's the issue of the lost Halloween costume. I was so so so proud of myself this year. I took Olivia out nearly a month and a half ago to a consignment shop to get a jump on a good used costume. We found a lovely Snow White dress. (Shocker, my daughter is insisting on being a princess for Halloween.) And we are now totally committed to the Snow White thing 'cuz the brothers are going as Happy and Bashful dwarf (Steve's aunt MADE their costumes, so cute, turning back now.) I've only let her wear it twice because we're "trying to keep it nice." It occurred to me a few days ago that I have not seen it around lately. But with a lot going on this week, I just didn't spend the energy to go on a dress hunt.

Today, I did. So I'm pretty sure that up in laundry purgatory there is an angel (are there angels there?) wearing one size 7 brown Merril tennis shoe and a Snow White dress up. The angel was hoping to wear a scarf and a winter hat too, but I foiled her plan by discovering the box in the attic.

So if you're trying to find me later this week, I'll be at Target buying a Snow White costume and some shoes. And maybe a new brain.

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Shiny said...

Try Sam's! They have the princess outfits for $22 with the dress, crown and shoes! Full Princess outfits - I only found that AFTER I bought Araya's Tinkerbell online - yes they have Tinkerbell at Sam's too...