Saturday, October 3, 2009

Don't bother the help!

And by the help I mean my kids.

I was busy doing some tidying up Friday afternoon when all of the kids were begging (literally) for a paper towel to help.

To that I say, knock yourselves out!!!

Who am I to stand in the way of wee little one channeling their inner Mr. Clean? I do have to admit that part of me wanted to scream and run as their little fingers printed up my freshly Pledged table. (I am in NO WAY OCD, but I *might* want to polish my table 10 times a day.) Want is the operative word here, because I actually only do it about every other day. They were cute little helpers though, and I guess its never too early to instill a work ethic.
And speaking of work ethic/don't bother the help; my friend and personal stylist (Aimee Loeser, stylist at Square One Salon, Centerville.) paid a visit to our house last night (thus the frantic cleaning effort in the afternoon.)
Funny story about highlights. (Because I know you're dying for a funny highlight's story.)
Two days before our wedding, I was in Toledo getting my hair "wedding ready" and Steve was coming into town for all the last minute wedding stuff. For timing purposes, he was to meet me at the salon. (Bless his heart! Chalk that up to "still engaged!")
He walked in when I was half way through getting highlighted. So I was fully foiled and just waiting to single handedly launch the space shuttle from my head when he walked in. He just stood there speechless. His response was something like, "Wow. So this is what it takes?" Yep, and we were just 2 days away from making it permanent. And he still said I do.
It was funny because the 2 boys had similar faces last night. They kept looking at me with these startled looks in their eyes. Kinda like, I think that's my mom, but I'm not 100% sure. Well, today I'm fresh and ready for the fall. Thanks again, Aimee, for the great work.
All that to say- You better watch yourself! If you stop by, we just might find something for YOU to do.

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