Friday, July 3, 2009

She's BAD!

I know I'm over a week late and all other bloggers have beaten me to the punch, but here is our tribute to MJ! (Get it? A gloved Olivia??? The sprinkles could have served as sequins but she licked 'em all off!)
While he had gotten so super weird (I actually had forgotten how weird until Steve and I started to watch all of the old interviews... SO WEIRD!) I have to say, when I was in 8th grade, I loved me some Michael Jackson!
There was a Christmas that my two boy cousins and I all got tape cassette playing Walkmans. (I just got rid of mine my second year into marriage, hey- that's a GOOD machine right there!) My cousins, who were brothers, got BOTH the record AND the tape. Me? I got Culture Club. (Man, talk about weird!!!) I think I cried and pouted all the way to the store where I FINALLY got my record AND tape. (*ackhem* once again, I wasn't spoiled! just well *loved*)
Angie Kelso had all the girls over from swim team for a sleep over the night the Thriller video debuted on MTV. (Granted, I had nightmares for weeks... it was a little scary for me... but it was monumental, nonetheless.)
I had a jean jacket so full of Michael Jackson pins you could see me coming a mile away (oh, how I wish I still had the one of him with the llama!)
And now because you can't get away from the coverage (and not unlike a major car wreck on the high way that you just can't seem to not look at) my 3 year old daughter is running around the house "Michael Jackson this" and "Michael Jackson that." HHmmm.. I suppose it has at least distracted her from the fact that WOMANIZER is her favorite song. Count your blessings.
So, better late than never... Thanks Michael for the memories! I'm not sure Boy George's passing will get the same coverage.

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