Friday, July 3, 2009

Last one today, I promise!

Okay, so I couldn't sleep last night (up thinking about Quinn, what it will be like to meet him, what he'll think of us, how he'll do traveling etc etc) and at about 3:30am I was going to come downstairs and blog but then I feared I'd "really" be up. Yeah, much better use of time to thrash around in bed and keep my husband awake!

Because of the craziness of the week there has been little time to blog (I've been busy *chopping apples* if you know what I mean;) but TONS to blog about. So this is me making up for it all. I was going to blog last night but my *somewhat* OCD husband had emails to 5 different travel agents sent, a spreadsheet created that could help him easily see our different options, costs and arrival/departure times. Our agency has a travel agent book our international flights (and then some agency staff arrange our in country travel as well AFTER all of the international stuff is arranged) but we did NOT love the arrangements the agency's travel agent booked (looooong layovers and even an extra night stay in Hong Kong. Fine for some other trip but NOT this one with a new kid and two others dying to see us after 14 days away.) Of course, now we're running into a little thing called the 4th of July holiday and we won't really be able to finalize anything until Monday. Anyhow, all that to say I couldn't get my hands on a computer to save my life.

There is yet another amazing God component to Quinn's adoption. (It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?) There is a family we know- we'll call them the Hags (actually, Steve knows them way better than I do) but they are REALLY good friends of our friends, the Hardy's (our fellow festival goers and funnel cake eaters). The husband was in the Hardy's wedding.

The Hags work for the same company that we do. They lived in China for years. They, in fact, lived about 20 minutes from Quinn's orphanage. They have 4 bio kids of their own and have been trying to adopt from China for about 3 years. After a very long story, they had a referral about the same time we got Quinn's referral and around Christmas time found out they had "lost" their referral. They were heartbroken (I can't even imagine!) but got another referral of a boy a few months back.

To make a long story short (oops, too late!) we found out that the Hags are going to pick up their son THE EXACT SAME TIME WE ARE! Because of family obligations (like a nursing child at home) Mrs. Hag will stay home but Mr. Hag and a travel buddy will go and pick up their son. It looks like we may even be in Xi'an the same time and then meet up again in Guang Zhou, where every adoption is finalized in China. It is kind of a tradition for families to take pictures together on a *famous* red couch. How crazy that Quinn will most likely get a picture with little Hag on the couch and then by nature of our job grow up over the years knowing him! Super excited for that. Seriously, we couldn't have planned something like this!

AND THEN... I found out a week ago that my very best friend, in the world, Lisa (who just got married May 2- Steve did the wedding) will still be in China during our adoption. She is planning on coming to Xi'an for the day we meet Quinn. I can't think of anyone better to be there for such an occasion. Being an only child, Lisa has served as my sister over the years. She truly is an Aunt to my children. I'm sure this is NOT the last God story to be told. But I do promise, it's the last one for today. Happy 4th to you and yours.

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