Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A real pain in the neck.

I was going to do a post yesterday morning, but I had an appointment at the chiropractor (Steve likes to call him the Quakopractor.) We took O there when she was 6 months old. She only looked to the right whenever she slept and as a result of that, had a flat head. Upon a referral of a friend, we took her and after adjusting her neck she began looking both ways when she slept! Crazy. Then he worked to "re-shape" her skull. It worked pretty well but she screamed and cried so much that close to her first birthday we quit going because a round head wasn't worth all the screaming and tears I had to fight. Now that she has hair, you'd never even notice!

Well, when my shoulder began to hurt about a month ago I figured I had injured it in a kickboxing or Pilate's class. I took a week off of working out and realized that didn't help a bit. Last week I couldn't even make it through my Zumba workout (I sat in the locker room and cried, it hurt so bad AND I've never had to duck out early from a work out b/c of pain in my life.) I decided I needed to see someone.

I opted for the chiropractor over a "regular" doctor b/c I thought I'd rather give the natural route a shot before someone wanted to operate on me or something. While I'm still a pretty big skeptic, I have to say, I've been impressed.

He took scans and x-rays and measurements (maybe he is a quack, but he's an impressive quack if he is) and basically he told me my neck is all screwed up and so is my mid to lower back. He did my first adjustment (and several hours afterward I felt like I had been in a car accident) but today, my shoulder is feeling pretty good. Not totally pain free but definitely better. I went to Pilate's and completed it with very little discomfort. I have to go 9 times before we leave for China in 2 weeks. AND our insurance doesn't do such a good job of covering it, but hey, I'll pay anything to have it feel better.

THEN I was going to write a post during naps yesterday, but I got sucked into the MJ Memorial Service. Had I known it was going to be 3 hours of boring, I would have skipped it!

And FINALLY I was going to write a post last night after the kids were in bed, but I couldn't because I was out living my Birthday present from Steve. We went to dinner with our friends Ed and Amy and from there we all went to the Diana Krall concert. Steve and I have a few of her CD's and enjoy her music! It was an outdoor venue and we had lawn seats (not so great for my post-adjustment self, oh well.)

So here I am now, during naps. And although I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs (not suppose to be a nap time activity for a certain 3 year old princess) I'm biding my time 'till we have to load up in the van for my next chiropractor visit. Pretty much I'm going to set the van on auto pilot from now until we leave for China! Can you hear Steve quacking from there??

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betseykerr said...

I too am totally hooked on the chiropractor! The one I had in Dayton can crack my neck like nobody's business!!!!!! I could be addicted to my chiropractor...I even visited her when I was in Dayton in May!! Truely, they are great, and have made a huge difference in my aches and pains! I'm a believer!