Monday, July 20, 2009

The American Dream

Okay, so I know I promised a picture of my new "do" but I have not quite gotten around to getting a front and back shot for your viewing pleasure. Do check back soon and I'll see if I can hook you up!

We were up at my parents for the weekend. BeBe and Paw's is always a fun time. It was great to see them. Really crazy to think that the next time we hit north on I-75 it will be with the 5 of us. Where we'll stuff everyone once we get there is another story... guess we'll tackle that when the time comes.

On our way home yesterday, we went past my Alma mater, BGSU. (The claim to fame for Bowling Green, OH is that its the home of the National Tractor Pulling Contest. Oh, and the home of Scott Hamilton.) Both of which are incredibly prestigious and it's a real shame Bowling Green State University has not yet been declared an Ivy League. I told Steve, if I could have a re-do it would probably not include 4 years spent between windy, freezing corn fields. But I digress.

As we zoomed past we noticed EASILY 500 RV's in several parking lots near the football "stadium" (I use that word loosely as there are high schools with greater attendance on the weekends). We had a nice chuckle and speculated for awhile about what might be going on. As we continued heading south we noticed a lot, no really, A LOT of RV's heading toward BG. I began to count. We had already passed several dozen before I started counting, then I counted for about a half hour and got to 80. Then I decided to quit. We easily passed well over 100 RV's.

We got home and the fist thing I made Steve do was get online and find out what is going on. (We have the spiritual gift of speculation, but that only gets you so far before a person has to know what is REALLY going on.) Well, just as I suspected, there is a convention of RV owners and an RV show this week. Weeeee.... over 1,200 RV families were expected. And we passed 10% of them on the road.

I'm pretty sure we'll never own an RV. I get in the car on the way to Target and I'm already asking, "Are we there yet?" Taking to the open road in a house on wheels is definitely NOT my dream. The Travel Channel is more my speed!

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betseykerr said...

Now, just to be clear, those 4 years freezing our bum's off were a lot of fun...and worth all the friendships made! And, rumor has it, the attendance in the stadium has greatly improved...students actually go to the weekend games AND enjoy it! Amazing...I know!