Friday, July 3, 2009

A little behind!

This has been one exciting week as we've been getting travel plans together for our China trip. I've been a little behind in updating my posts, sorry!
Last night before bath time, the kids were running around, chasing each other and then took a brush break. I couldn't resist!

Last weekend we had a really fun family trip up to Ashtabula, where Steve's parents live. Steve's brother, Scott, his wife, Amy and their two kids, Natalie and Carter were there AND it was Steve's 20 year high school reunion. (Where I met my first ever "blog fan.") Steve's classmate had come across my blog from Steve's facebook page. She started reading and introduced herself as my voyeur. LOVE IT. I felt famous!! (Thanks Julie ;)

A lot of the weekend was spent chasing the kids around their long driveway as they nearly killed themselves (I mean had a great time) in the new Princess electric car that Grandma and Papa got for the grand kids. You'll notice a theme, Turner liked to be behind the wheel. Like father like son.

Olivia LOVES being chauffeured! Hmmm... like mother like daughter?!

Grandma let the girls make "snowballs" for dessert one day. I helped supervise. They *wore* gloves and rolled the ice cream in their hands to make them into balls and then rolled the balls into cookies and sprinkles. As they licked their gloves, ate sprinkles and cookie crumbs it became clear there was a snowballs chance in you know where that I would get near one of those for dessert! (However, desperate times call for desperate measures, I did break down and have one later that night.)
We took the kids to Geneva On The Lake, a vacation destination back in the '50's. I'm sure it was super cool in the '50's. Now its just a bit interesting and I assure you I could do some MAJOR people watching given an hour or two without kids. Instead, we rode bumper boats, played skee ball and ...
rode the carousel. Super fun time for everyone.

The inner child came out even in Steve and Scott. Boys will be boys. Just goes to show, once a brother, always a brother!
Somehow, I got stuck at the kids table! Edie's Grill, apparently "famous" was fine, if not a bit hectic with all the kids. And I have to report in on my funnel cake Saturday challenge. Although I didn't get my lips around one, I was, in fact only 20 ft. from one. Across the street from Edie's was a funnel cake stand and if I hadn't over done it at Edie's I may have considered it. This weekend here in Dayton is CityFolk fest where I feel there is a fairly good chance of gettin me some funnel cake, and maybe a deep fried Twinkie chaser.

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