Monday, July 6, 2009

God Bless America!

It was great to celebrate the Independence of our country this weekend. I'm pretty sure there is no other country on God's green earth whereby a girl can launch Funnel Quest '09 and actually have a shot at succeeding. Ahhh... my country 'tis of thee, SWEET land of Liberty... to thee I sing.

While no actual funnel cakes were harmed during the making of this blog, I did want it to be known to you, the reader, that had I chosen to exercise my right to indulged, I could have. Maybe next week. (Not just bless the US, but bless the Midwest. I'm not sure Funnel Quest '09 would be the rip roaring success if I lived in New England.)
City Folk Festival (a mere stone's throw from our house) was a blast. There was all kinds of entertainment AND it was free. It was a three day festival and since we went on the last day, the crowds were small and it was a fun time for all of us.

Turner REALLY loves music and was enthralled by a Celtic band. Steve got T-bone front and center and apparently he didn't budge. I guess he was a huge hit as lots of other festival goers got a kick out of how attentive he was.

I wouldn't know because I spent nearly ALL of my time in the dance tent with Olivia. There was a Latino band playing tons of salsa music. When we first arrived we were 2 of 8 people on the dance floor. (Oh, how I would have died at the thought of that in a former life.) But now, I will do just about anything to see my kids happy. And boy was she happy! It took her about 7 minutes to loosen up and then she didn't need me. Not only didn't she need me, she didn't even know there was another sole on the dance floor. She was in the zone.
It was the sweetest thing I may have witnessed in her short 3 year old lifetime. There were probably 200 chairs set up as the audience (with 3/4 of them full) and did she dance for them.
Turner finally showed up for some dance floor fun. He was a little unsure about getting his groove on by himself, but he loved dancing with his mama.
Thank goodness for all of those Zumba hours I've logged in, it gave me a few steps in my arsenal. Without that I would have only had my '80's high school dance moves to fall back on. And you KNOW how good those must've been. By the time we left (45 minutes later) I was dripping with sweat and Olivia was kicking and screaming because she didn't want to stop doing "ballet." I now have to make good on some ballet lesson promises.
After all that dancing I should have gone ahead and had that funnel cake afterall.


Karin said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Your little Quinn is precious!! I hope you can go and get her soon. :)

cindy said...

Hey, I'm going to defend the Northeast... We have plenty of fried dough. It might not be called Funnel Cake, but you can find plenty of Zeppole's at street fairs in the city. You may also find Elephant Ears... so you just be careful, I bet we have more Zeppole stands in the city than Funnel Cake stands in all of Western Ohio. We can be fatter and more unhealthy than you. :)