Saturday, July 4, 2009

I love a parade

Happy Birthday America!

It just might be a miracle, but this is the best family shot we've ever gotten. This is us on our way to the neighborhood parade. But here is the catch, WE were the parade.

We live in a historic neighborhood and one of the really sweet traditions (32 years this year) is a "New Orleans" style parade where people decorate bikes, hats, wagons, pretty anything that will let you and then march through the neighborhood. The funny thing is that most of the neighbors are in the parade so very few people are along the route.
Everyone meets up at the park and "decorates" for the festivities. Streamers, hats and kazoos provided. (Those kazoos are STILL annoying me.)
The organizers thought the parade needed a mascot this year (???) When entering the neighborhood you'll find a pair of stone lions greeting you; so, naturally, they thought the mascot should be a lion. Well, looks like they went low budget when picking out a costume! Check out the look on Turner's face. He wouldn't let the lion out of his sight. (Can you blame him?) What's even funnier is that underneath the lion outfit is the Sports Editor of the Dayton Daily News (he lives about 7 houses away from us.)
These neighbors always enter this float in the parade. HILARIOUS!!! It takes all kinds.
Here's us coming (notice, we brought up the rear with the lion... and the grand finale... the Ice Cream Man.
And here's us going.

After the parade route (it MIGHT have taken us 20 minutes to walk around the neighborhood) one neighbor grilled up hot dogs for everyone. (Nice technique, O- note the pinkie finger up.)
A city Fire Engine led the parade (must've been a slow fire day) and after hot dogs they let the kids sit in the driver's seat. I think Turner had a good time, too.

Then each person got a ticket for a free treat from the Ice Cream Man. A good time was had by all and although I make fun of living in Ohio a lot, there are times that I think its really fun to raise my kids with some small town fun.

And now it's off to some friends for a grill out and *potentially* fireworks. But I think I'm not nearly daring enough to keep my 2 little kids up for something they'd probably be scared of anyhow. I'm such a party pooper.


Joyful mom said...

Wonderful pictures--wonderful memories! So glad you had such a blessed day.

Love and hugs

Mommin' It Up! said...

whatever! YOU are fun incarnate!