Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My precious

I got good news again today. I talked with my doctor's office and found out that those *cancer* numbers have gone down from 24 to 15. I'm not sure how low to expect them to go or how much they fluctuate or if just being below the normal number is good enough. I have an appointment on Thursday and will have some questions to ask. But to know that the chemo is still working and bringing the numbers down helps me gear up for round 4, which we all know from yesterday's post, means I'm *almost done* :)

In other good news, I found my engagement ring. Yep, you didn't even know I lost it, did ya? Which is surprising, because I'm pretty sure you could've heard the screams all the way from where you are. Well, yesterday afternoon on our way to swim lessons, I looked down and realized my diamond ring was gone. I had this crazy sinking feeling. Kind of like the feeling you get when they tell you you have cancer, but maybe not quite so bad. I had done a million things yesterday and figured it was a total goner. Because, really, how in the WORLD would I ever find it? Steve and I looked in every obvious place in the house and car and in between. But the fact is, I was at the mall yesterday morning and it could literally be ANYWHERE. To say I woke up A LOT in the middle of the night last night thinking about where it could be would not be an exaggeration.

On a whim this afternoon I realized one of the things I had done yesterday was sort through some of the boys' old clothes to give away to some friends. I put one pile in a box to go to one friend and the other pile in a bag for another. I tore through the box this morning but ran out of time before we headed out to the Y. When I got back this afternoon and finished reading to the kids before their rest time, I remembered I needed to look through that bag still. And there, at the very bottom of a Baby Gap bag, was my ring.

Seriously, between finding my ring and falling cancer numbers, this may as well have been Christmas morning! All that and did I mention we are going to the Crystal Bowersox concert tonight? You know I'm a huge American Idol fan and last year my mom and I had a hard time deciding if we should vote for Lee or Crystal. Crystal being from Toledo was a favorite of ours for sure. So when Steve heard she was coming near us, he got four tickets (hoping I could find three other girls to go with.) Unfortunately, I couldn't. So he, my friend and the other husband are being dragged along. But I think it will be fun. And normal. I'll let you know how it goes. But I think I might leave my ring at home.


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Yay! For finding your ring! Have fun at the concert tonight.

Heather Ruetschle said...

What a wonderful day and evening!!! With God all things are possible.

vwiller said...

Get a ring guard put on your ring for now. It is just a little flexible metal piece that wraps around the band and you can remove it later, or get your ring sized later. It would work for now so that you can still wear it.

Oh and SO UNBELIEVABLY happy to hear the good news again!!!

sarah burd said...

I am so glad to hear that your treatments have been so affective. Another idea to keep your ring with you if worried about it falling off is to wear it near your heart... On a chain! Your finger will, someday soon, plump up again. Then your ring will be ready and in the meantime you don't have to leave it home!
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

The Halters said...

this gave me flashbacks to a couple years ago when i lost my wedding band. yep. could have been anywhere from home to columbus to urbana to sidney to home. by the time Bill got home and saw me on the couch, he thought someone had died. when i told him what happened he said, "wow! i thought something was really wrong! it's just 'stuff!'" last year he bought me a replacement band :)