Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gluttons for punishment

Because our lives are not crazy enough and apparently we thrive under stress and pressure, we have created the week from h.e.doublehockeysticks.

Yep, that's our toilet (next to the new uninstalled sink) in the middle of our upstairs play room. on the other side of the deflated/broken jump house is the door to the boys' bedroom.
So can you hear the buzz saw from there? Because right now it's nap time and on the other side of the door of the play room is this guy and this work.

I have to say, the tiled floor is going to be sweet! But the jack hammering during naps... notsomuch!
Don't let the smile on this guy's face fool 'ya. Steve was just retuning from his 4th expensive trip to Home Depot in 3 days. Our *little* renovation project ain't so little anymore. Oops.

How DO they keep the cost down on those TLC shows?? Somebody over at The Learning Channel is not telling the whole story.
As for the painters in the kitchen, they are *almost* done.

I, for one, am thankful for that. I nearly broke my neck after tripping over their drop cloths this morning.

And I think I might keep the set of knives and the blender on the mantel. Because nothing says, "I'm trying to grow in my gift of hospitality" like weapons and small appliances welcoming someone upon their arrival.
The rumor on the street is, I'll be able to put the doors back on my cupboards in a day or two. I think that will be nice. Shame knows no bounds like a cupboard without her doors.

Knowing I'd be *exposed* for a few days did help me clean out the cupboards. Do you think the '06 expiration date on my jello and puddings was more of a rule or a suggestion?

My second question, what possessed me to buy 14 boxes of butterscotch and pistachio sugar-free puddings?

No worries, the poison pudding is gone and the knives are on their way back to their appropriate home. Next stop... toilet in the bathroom. As for us, we're headed to the mall so as not to be under foot. All I know is, it's gonna be real nice around here... someday.


cindy said...

We're right there with you. A fallen ceiling that was to be a 4 day repair is now including an electrical update and we're on day 21 and it's still not done. Today they were working in our livingroom/kitchen, so we had directors meeting in the girls room and the girls, both sick with colds layed on our bed. Right now all the stuff from our kitchen counter is on our bedroom floor and our kitchen cabinet doors are leaning against the wall because they had to dig a hole above the cabinets to find the electricity terminal. Oh to NOT have chaos!

Colleen said...

You probably got the 14 boxes of pudding for FREE from all of your CVS-ing! You are so right about those TLC shows. Every little project in normal life becomes a BIG project very quickly, both in time and money. Can't wait to see the "after" pics. Sounds like things are looking up for your parents.....still praying for them!