Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Its been a whirlwind of a week around here. Thankfully, the week-long birthday marathon is finally over. Steve had to go to Florida this week (poor baby!) but thankfully Grandma and Papa have been here to lend a hand. Seriously, sometimes I feel totally incapable of holding down the fort by myself. How the heck is Kate Gosselin handling it? By the way, have you noticed how they've totally disappeared from the tabloids (not that I read them in the check out line.) They've been replaced by the stupid decisions Jake from the Bachelor has been making regarding his women choices. Or so I've heard!

But I digress.
Here at the home stead we made a bit of progress on the potty front. Turner has been very interested in sitting on the potty over the past 5 days. Yesterday morning he had some success with tinkle in the potty. Quinn, he no wants tinkle in potty. (His words, not mine!)

Here, Turner is either yelling at me to shut the door (can't the man get a little privacy around here?) OR telling me to feed him sometime.
I promise, I do feed him. It's not my fault you can see his ribs. Sheesh. He kinda does look malnourished in these n*ked photos. I think if he sat still and gave his metabolism a rest, he would actually put some meat on those bones!
All in all, things are going well around here. I'm just glad that we are seeing some of the snow melt and some ugly, dead, brown grass popping through. Hey, its better than nothing. Wow, a post about tinkle and melting snow. Tune in tomorrow when I tell you about the dust bunnies I swept up and the garbage I took out.