Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't mess with a girl going to Texas.

I'm getting ready to jump on a plane and head to Austin, TX early tomorrow morning. I'm excited to have been selected by my church to attend a conference there. There will be several engaging speakers and I'm going with about 30 other people from church. Most of whom I don't know real well.

I got to thinking about this the other day. I'm not sure if I've gone anywhere that requires a flight by myself since I've been married. Whoa, does that sound unhealthy or WHAT?! I did go to a friend's wedding nearly 2 years ago. It was in NYC and I went without Steve, however, I was nursing he went with me. That's a post for another time, taking a 4 month old, by myself, to the Big Apple.

Back to Texas. The conference will pretty much take up every waking hour of our time, so it's not really like we'll be gallivanting around Austin. (I'm not sure I know how to gallivant anymore, anyhow!) But it is something I'm doing on my own and I'm really excited. And strangely sad. No kids? For 3 days? Usually I dream about that, but reality hits and I'm actually kind of sad.

Not to mention, Steve went and got sick on me. He's got a sinus infection and actually went to the doctor (anyone married to a man knows - that makes him REALLY sick.) Uh-oh. He's on meds now and I'm hoping he feels better by morning so I can hop on that plane, guilt free.

I went to the half-price book store for all the reading I'm not going to have time to do. But a girl can dream, right? And since its a church conference, the thought occurred to me that I ought to buy some kind of book that would help me grow in my faith, but instead, I walked out with a John Grisham and a Sophie Kinnsel- or however you spell her name (of the Shopaholic fame.) Ooops.

To top it all off, Texas isn't even going to have the common courtesy to roll out the red carpet for me with a nice 75 degree day. Tomorrow's hi? 45. 45 stinkin' degrees. What ever happened to southern hospitality???? I know, I know, its STILL better than 35. But not by much. Thankfully, the rest of the weekend is looking warmer. I'll take 65. I *might* even skip a session and lay out (ha!). That wouldn't make me stand out as a Yankee too much, would it?

So, see y'all Sunday when I get back (that's what we say down there in Texas!) Have a great weekend.


emme said...

hope you have a great time! i'm going to a staff women's conference in a couple of weeks. i'm looking forward to some time off myself!

Lisa said...

e! thinking of you and hope you had a great weekend. let's talk soon! tuesday and thursday nights are good for me because gary's at class.