Monday, February 15, 2010

What's in a name?

For the past few months, as the boys begin to have more and more words, I've noticed a pretty funny trend. Quinn calls Turner "Nurner", which makes sense. They both call Olivia, E-ah. Which I love, because that is exactly what she called herself at that age. So I'm guessing it's a language developmental thing. The crazy thing is that Turner now calls Quinn, "Nurner." At first I thought it was confusion. That maybe he thought since people called him Turner, that was every one's name. But when I ask Turner Quinn's name he belly laughs and says, "Nurner." Like he knows he's ridiculous.

Okay, so that is the background.

Thanks to President's Day today, I *got a chance* to take all three kids to the Y this morning. On our way home the three of them were goofing around in the back of the van. The roads were treacherous so I was pretty focused forward. Then I heard Olivia trying to get my attention. So I shot back, "What O?" Her issue:

"Mom, Turner hit the other Nurner with his shoe."

Poor Quinn, he probably doesn't know who the heck he is. A Chinese kid with a Polish last name who shares his brother's name. Sorry, Charlie! .... I mean Nurner!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Very funny! Got to love the stuff these kids come up with!

Thea Trantow said...

E- I love it. My girls do the same...when you ask them their name they often answer with their sister's name. Trust me they do eventually figure out their own name. :o)

Colleen said...

That is hilarious! And my toddler for the most part calls both of her sisters Rachel, which I am surprised does not seem to bother Lauren. She can now say Lauren when asked to say it, but when getting her sister's attention she still says Rachel. Our joke is that Kirsten will say, "Hi, I'm Kirsten, this is my sister Rachel and this is my other sister Rachel." Oh, and Kirsten pronounces her own name "Kitten" which I think is adorable.