Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A blind eye and a deaf ear

My daughter is yelling down from her room that she has "done something funny." If its *funny* "haha" then I'm cool with that if its *funny* "naughty" not so much.

Concurrently (oooo, doesn't that make me sound smart?) my second arrived (can't say born) son is up in his room yelling, "mama, mama, get down." I've turned the monitor down as low as it goes, but I can hear him when in the kitchen making dessert for dinner tonight. Sound proof walls, that's what I'll put on my Christmas wish list!

It's only 2:11 and I'm not ready for naps to be over. I've slowly been losing ground over the past month or so. And I'm fine to institute *rest time* rather than nap time. Good thing, since that's pretty much all I get from O these days. But I just need an hour and a half to maintain my sanity.

Which I'm pretty sure is gone, just like Turner's shoe and the Snow White Halloween costume. Shoved in a drawer somewhere. Sanity will turn up someday when I least expect it. Much like the shoe. By then both will be outgrown and I'll be loving my room at the funny farm.

If all I get is one hour of "me" time, is that really so bad? The challenge is to figure out what is my highest priority for that hour. (It used to be 2 1/2... ahh the good 'ole days.) Apparently, today's priorities included: cleaning my bathroom, putting away toys - the ultimate definition of insanity, they are bound to wind up all over in about 5 minutes-, make a chocolate/peanut butter pie and blog. Of course blog. Because the Internet is where sanity is found! Thank you for keeping me sane. It's a big job but some body's got to do it!

I'm off to discover which brand of funny is happening upstairs. Wish me luck.

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