Monday, December 21, 2009

It never ends

This past weekend was a flurry of activity. Friday night, I can't even remember what happened Friday night! But Saturday we woke up to a bit of snow, worked out, and then I baked. And I baked and I baked and I baked. Because for some crazy reason I feel like it is such a great idea to give out baked goods to neighbors, childcare workers and aerobics teachers (oh the irony of that one.) And once upon a childless time it was a good idea. Now its just kinda stupid. And a real pain in the neck. Yet I still managed to crank out 6 different kinds.

We went to church Saturday night and then Steve and I got to business. I wanted to get all the wrapping out of the way. In theory (and in retrospect) a great idea. In the moment... pure back breaking (literally) hell! Luckily, Elf was on. Elf makes all things better. THREE hours later, we are nearly done. I still have Steve's gifts to wrap and there is a certain Disney make up table that has yet to be assembled. You just know that thing is gonna be a bear. Thankfully, not my job!

Sunday, I did just a *bit* more baking (its the last, I swear, unless of course, its not.) We were suppose to have our small group from church over for a ham dinner. I baked an 8 lb. ham and then found out that only 8 people (which included one vegan) were coming. Oops. If you're in the mood for a ham sandwich, come on over.

Today I had to run out during my Monday babysitting time to finish up some last minute Christmas errands. Now I SWEAR I'm done. I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out at Michael's. The line was ridiculous and the funny thing was that most people were checking out with Christmas decorations in their baskets. I found it odd... since all the clearance stuff will be next week and this is Christmas week. Are people just late? Or early? As for me, I needed a roll of art paper and some chalk for an easel that O is getting.

Next stop, Target. Promise me that if you find out I've been to Target any more before Christmas day, you will reach through the blogosphere and slap me silly!! Honestly, my car is on autopilot to the big red bulls eye at this point.

Then I was off to Wallgreens (I felt like I should be wearing a scarlet letter as I cheated on my beloved CVS) for some cheap chocolates and some picture re-prints. I'm worn out! Tonight after dinner, there is a family drive planned. We are going to cruise some neighborhoods to look at lights. One of my favorite nights of the year. The boys are super into ooooing and ahhhhing over lights right now too. Which could prove to be really cute or really annoying... we'll see.

Despite the whiny attitude of this here post, I really am enjoying the holiday season. Just don't make me shop or bake anymore, k? Thanks.

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

I don't bake. Is that terrible? I have also cheated on my beloved CVS this holiday season. With multiple partners. I am getting downright fast & loose!